DIY Stress Relief - Natural Remedies To Manage Stress - You can be your own stress relief therapist anywhere, anytime. One holistic therapist's favorite tips and techniques for relaxing self-massage, reflexology, breathing, aromatherapy.

  • Herbal Stress Relief - Herbal Stress Relief - about herbal tea, growing herbs, drying herbs and other uses for you, Excellent home remedies!
  • Colour And Stress Relief - Colour and stress relief, colour healing and colour energy; colour affects your moods and emotions. Use colour therapy to correct imbalances and relieve stress. Learn colour meanings and how to apply.
  • Anger Management And Stress Relief - The real info about anger management and stress relief. Anger management tips, how to release anger, cause of anger. Don't let your temper make you sick - learn how to control your anger.
  • Crystal Healing Energy And Stress Relief - Crystal healing energy can be directed through your body to help ease tension, calm body and mind, chakra balancing and boost energy. Match the crystal to the complaint.
  • Holiday Stress Management - Holiday stress management and stress relief tips include saying no, being selfish, delegating and being realistic. What else can you do to make sure that holidays are fun and fulfilling?
  • Hypnotherapy And Stress Relief - Find out about hypnotherapy and stress relief. Use self hypnosis for deep relaxation, coping with anxiety and depression or changing to positive behaviour. Take control of your life now.
  • Inspirational Sayings | Sayings About Life | Quotes And Sayings - Inspirational sayings, thank you sayings, funny sayings, quotes and sayings, sayings about life, attitude quotes to motivate and inspire you.
  • Natural Home Remedies | DIY Stress Relief - Natural home remedies, home cold remedies, heartburn home remedy and much more. How to treat everyday upsets from your own kitchen.
  • Essential Oils: Natural DIY Stress Relief - Aromatherapy essential oils are a natural way of changing your moods. Loads of information, plus my best recipes and tips on how to effectively use this diy stress-relieving therapy.
  • Zen Mindfulness and Stress Relief - Zen Mindfulness is about paying close attention, don't believe what others say and don't cling to anything. A perfect antidote to stress.
  • Feng Shui Beginners Tips And Techniques - Feng Shui Beginners offers you tips and techniques, feng shui rules to destress your living space. Could be as simple as moving a bed...
  • Reiki Healing - Reiki healing is a simple and effective stress relief tool. Reiki self healing can be done anywhere, is gentle and relaxing. Learn reiki hand positions, reiki symbols and more.
  • Positive Effects Of Laughter - One of the positive effects of laughter, humor and stress relief, laughter the best medicine. It is self-help for anxiety and stress. Laughter the best medicine.
  • Definition Of Stress - A simple definition of stress. Understand the physical effects of stress. Learn tips and techniques on how to deal with stress.
  • KINDS OF STRESS - 3 Different Types - Understanding the different kinds of stress - acute, episodic and chronic - will help you better manage and deal with the symptoms of stress. My simple explanation gives you all you need to know.
  • Symptoms Of Stress - Symptoms of stress, signs of stress, coping with stress, symptoms of chronic stress
  • Cognitive Therapy - Cognitive Therapy or Thinking Yourself Better is a powerful self-help technique for dealing with emotional stress and negativity.
  • Effects Of Lack Of Sleep - Effects of lack of sleep on stress are huge. Sleep should be first on your list of stress relief remedies. Learn more...
  • How To Massage - Simple, quick self massage prepares you for the day ahead and relieves symptoms of stress! My favourite techniques for the effective application of this dynamic form of touch therapy.
  • Relaxation Techniques For Stress Relief - Simple relaxation techniques help you cope with stress and stay calm and in control. You need 20 minutes a day for breathing, visualization, muscle relaxation. Learn stress management techniques.
  • About Me - A bit about me and my journey and how I arrived at being a holistic therapist. 15 years of treatment experience and many interactions have led me to believe that we can live more positively.
  • CONTACT US at - Please Contact Us! We would love to hear your stories, comments, best stress- busting remedies, worst stress triggers....This is your place to have your say!
  • DIY Stress Relief Blog - The DIY Stress Relief Blog lets you know as soon as there is something new to enjoy at Keep up-to-date and informed.

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