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  • Mark A. White - decent ear buds, Love the Bluetooth and wireless

    I have had them for a couple days. Sound quality is on par with wired in-ear buds that I have had. So far I am getting close to four hours of streaming music per charge. The charge time is quicker than I thought it would be. They are staying in my ear most of time, even when walking around and doing activities. I am still experimenting with the different size gels to get the best fit. I get a greater range from my phone that I get with other bluetooth headphones that I have used. If they keeping working this well over the next few weeks I plan to buy another set.

  • L. Kirk - Good value, but far less than perfection

    This was my first experience wall mounting a tv. I'm fair with these type of household activities, not great, not terrible.

  • sharon - Love this product and it works

    Love this product and it works! Takes a few attempts for the results to be noticeable but worth the short wait and time involved. Great product. Have recommended to friends. Expensive but worth the investment.

  • Bill M. - Great book, unfortunate ending.

    Well written, great story line. Do not really care for "cliff hanger" story lines. Quality of work does not require such.

  • GoshenDave - "Forget" is the operative word

    Like many, I read the wonderful reviews on Amazon before making the purchase. I first heard this product touted on a home improvement radio show in Spring 2014.....the host was very enthusiastic about it. I can't help but wonder if he objectively tried it, got "ahead of himself," or if he received compensation from the manufacturer. If the latter, he should have disclosed it. Theoretically, I could have also received a defective batch, but that would mean the manufacturer does not have adequate quality controls. I applied the product 2.5 months ago strictly according to directions (May 26, 2014) and it did nothing on dark mildew stains on the deck, siding, downspouts and gutters, but it seems to have helped a little (very little) with algae. Even if it had worked, it is doubtful I would use it in the future. Assuming it had worked as advertised, it takes a long time for the stains to disappear. Therefore, you still have the poor cosmetic appearance to contend with until the product supposedly works with time/weather/rain to aid it. I cannot recommend. I will go back to how I used to handle these stains......diluted solution of regular household bleach....economical and fast results.

  • Caitlin Wyckoff - Great alternative to "traditional" whitening

    Just started using this this morning(received it last night) and I already see a difference! Traditional whitening with strips or kits aren't an option for me because I'm breastfeeding and even if I wasn't I have irregularly shaped k-9 teeth and with strips it is hard to form to those teeth so compared to expensive kits and the charcoal it is much more cost effective. I will be sure to keep taking pictures and update with continued improvement.

  • David Southard - Protect your noggin' at all costs, you'll need it eventually

    About one month after buying, I did an endo and went 20mph to zero in the blink of an eye onto hard asphalt. I landed on my head & left shoulder. While my clavicle was broken I had no issues whatsoever with my head, e.g. no concussion, no memory loss, etc. While the helmet survived the crash, obviously you need to replace after a hard bang. So I will be replacing with same for when I'm back on in August.