Alpaca, de warmste wol voor dekbed en kledij - Domicasa - De specialist in Alpaca! Ontdek onze luxe alpaca dekbedden, een exclusieve Alpaca-kledinglijn en ultrazachte alpaca-wol

  • Kledij Alpaca - Domicasa - _____________________________________________  DAMES  _____________________________________________           _____________________________________________  HEREN  _____________________________________________      
  • Alpaca wol - Domicasa - Wol van superieure kwaliteit, licht, warm, zacht, hypo-allergeen met uitstekende isolerende capaciteit
  • Scheepjeswol - Domicasa -  De belangrijkste kenmerken van het kwaliteitsmerk Scheepjeswol (deels pure wol, deels acryl) zijn:- modieus- zeer goed wasbaar- goedkoper in prijs
  • Brei -en haaknaalden - Domicasa - De Addi bamboenaalden zijn van exceptionele kwaliteit, sterk, licht en aangenaam om mee te werken.
  • Brei-atelier te Brugge - Domicasa - Een brei-atelier waar iedereen welkom is. Je krijgt raad bij alle technieken en modellen
  • Handgebreide mode - Domicasa - Alle kledij is handgemaakt, modieus en tijdloos. Wenst u iets persoonlijks, contacteer mij voor een prijsofferte.

    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Laura M. - Five Stars

    I love love love these shoes..I have buying this style for years. Great arch support and so comfortable!

  • Phile425 - ... fit of this case on the iPhone 7 is excellent. I have had issues in the past that ...

    The fit of this case on the iPhone 7 is excellent. I have had issues in the past that the plastic outer shell doesn't fit super snug around the edges, but I have not had that problem with this case. If the phone is on the back, it is a little slippery, but still the best otter box case I've bought yet.

  • icedragon - Great Little Stove

    I bought this to conserve on propane use since electric is cheaper than propane. It boiled water in under 5 minutes on the big burner. The little one works well for lower temp simmering. I was concerned because many of these got negative reviews but i sprung for one. Now i never use my stove. To sum it up i would recommend purchasing one of these!!!

  • Andrew Osborn - A fish-lover must (not sushi-lover)

    Any fish tank/fish owner knows you have to use good stuff, to maintain healthy fish. Prime is a staple of that, ensuring that the fresh, clean, new water is safe, by neutralizing the chlorine. Big bottle will last through many water changes and great price for the quantity (mL).

  • K. McMurtry - Fits great

    fits perfect, I like the heavy feel - much nicer than the crappy plastic one that came with my new Ram 3500.

  • Julia Miller - Unfortunate.

    Beautiful car seat, kind of tall. I did end up returning it because the cushions around the sides of the head are huge and seemed to annoy my daughter and prevent from being able to look around much at all. We got a Chicco Nextfit instead.

  • Christie Swangel - The best vacuum!! You won't be sorry if you buy.

    I was about to purchase a Kirby vacuum and pay big bucks until I read the reviews on his one. I researched it for a long time before I decided to buy it. I have a large home (3300 sq ft) and wanted something I could take upstairs without straing myself after just having had a c-section. I read all of the reviews about this vac. and quite frankly thought it was too good to be true. I read that you could get it at Bed Bath & Beyond and use the 20% off coupon to get it for $160 and that I could return it at any time if I was I did. I bought it yesterday and I'm totally sold. It's very light weight which is surprising because it has such power. It worked great on my tile too. I loved the way it got the lint and hair off my lamps. I have a chow dog and she sheds big time and it seemed to remove all of the hair. Thanks to all of you who gave your honest opinions and tips! I can tell you you won't be sorry if you purchase this vacuum. I'm so happy with it that I'm going to buy one for my elderly mom too so she doesn't have to drag around her heavy Dison anymore. I'm keeping the box with receipt in the garage just in case it ever looses it's suction and I'll take it back to BBB since they accept lifetime returns.