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  • SteveB - Complete ripoff

    If you do not read ALL their fine print, you will be surprised when you learned you have joined a "club" with monthly subscriptions.These people are complete ripoffs. Of course their system does not work. I ordered the "girdle" to help hold my tummy in knowing there would be not other benefits. My surprise came a month later when I got two more tubes of the worhtless cream, that I had tossed the entire original tube of. Along with a bill for 49.00. When I called them they will refund, but not the whole amount.

  • H. R. Holt - Virgil and the Tigers

    John Sandford is a great writer, and I especially enjoy the Virgil Flowers episodes. This one starts with the "kidnapping" of two rare Amur tigers from a Minnesota zoo and the intent of using their body parts for Chinese healing. In addition to finding the tigers and those who took them, Virgil must also deal with murders, assaults, and a group of brothers from California who want revenge for two of the murders.