Defective Drug Lawsuit Attorney | Failed Medical Implant Lawyer - Injured as the result of defective drug or medical device? Call Accomplished Lawyer Ronald B. Laba. Decades of experience in this complex and high stakes area

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  • Paxil Birth Defects | Birth Defects Lawsuit Lawyer - To sue the manufacturer of Paxil for birth defects, call Attorney Ronald B. Laba. Nearly 30 years of experience and a long record of success: 800-490-2222 for a
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  • Sue DePuy ASR Hip Implants | Medical Implant Lawsuits Lawyer - Attorney Ronald B. Laba will represent you in a DePuy ASR Hip Implant lawsuit. Injured as the result of your hip replacement or resurfacing? Call 800-490-2222
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  • Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit | Ceramic Hip Injury Lawyer | Hi Implant Recall - Do you need an attorney for a failed hip replacement? Considering a lawsuit against Stryker, DePuy, or other manufacturer? Call 800-490-2222 to speak with a
  • Zimmer NexGen Knee Implant Lawsuit | Knee Implant Lawyer - Had a knee implant that has caused you suffering? A Zimmer NexGen knee implant may be to blame. Call acclaimed Lawyer Ronald B. Laba at 800-490-2222 for a free
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  • Cindy Lou - These never disappoint. I purchase one each year for a tree ...

    These never disappoint. I purchase one each year for a tree in the corner of the living room. I love the way they catch the light. Beautiful.

  • Beverly Waddell - better memory

    I waited a while before writing this review so that I could really see how well this product works. I really like that it has started to help in remembering things. I have noticed the older I get, the worse my memory gets. The capsules are easy to swallow but it really helps if your mouth and tongue are a little damp. I did not contact the seller for any reason. I got this product for a reduced price for an honest review. I will look forward to continuing to use this product and will refer my family and friends who may need something like this

  • D. Howard - It has really improved my very novice playing!

    I was hesitant to buy this at first as I have many books (most too complex for my level of play) and online courses - some very good and helpful and others complete crap. Once the price hit $49 on sale I grabbed it and I haven't been disappointed. It is very fun and a great repetitive learning tool. The arcade games are of questionable value but it certainly isn't a negative to have them included. There is a slight lag in sound and I have tried all the connection methods suggested. The best I found was one not recommended - HDMI to TV and then the ARC feature on TV and receiver delivers sound to my surround system. The only thing I would like to see is less metal and more classic rock and blues. Also the price of add-on songs is a bit high ($2.99/song) but then with copy-write issues I guess that's the way it is. I would likely dole out money on them if they would add more songs in different genres and that would be a great way to capture a bigger audience as well. A new addiction in the making and one that is actually helpful to me! My wife might disagree, however...

  • ILoveMyDog - cranks out the heat

    Arrived the other day, and has already surpassed my expectations. Read up on some helpful tips to get this going properly. I slip this into my shirt pocket while walking to dog, and the inside of my jacket gets real comfortable. I bought several more of these as gifts for family and friends.

  • FiresHeart - what a relief

    week 11 of physical therapy after extensive shoulder surgery.......and my amazing therapist introduces me to mr. schwinn (airdyne wind jammer) this baby not only helps with strengthening but that constant motion relieves the remaining pressure and stiffness in shoulder and bicep area. i get home and start searching for a wind jammer, finding out no longer made and hard to find used ones. thru amazon, three items pop up, low end to high end. the velocity has an outstanding price, pretty good reviews and option for overnight delivery a big plus. ordered on tuesday afternoon and it is here wednesday morning. took longer removing from box than assembly. about an hour total. parts list is deceiving because some pieces were already attached to machine (so don't panic, just start to assemble) wires to hook up monitor are straightforward, one is male female connection and other two no need to match up, just connect. we did not install pulse rod arms on side of seat, not needed. not a wind jammer but such a great alternative. bike has a smaller footprint which is nice. can adjust tension for arms and legs. can adjust seat. rollers on front end so you can tip up and move pretty easy. my therapist has seen and given the thumbs up. (may not be for everyone during physical therapy so check with your professionals first !!) for me and my recovery, perfect!

  • Bil Zlar - she cant stand up walking in a day without any good support. So I bought this for her because ...

    My mom has a foot operation 3 years ago which made her a little harder to walk,she cant stand up walking in a day without any good support.

  • Marcos Romo - Disappointed customer

    I asked for PC Disk.... I received a empty box with a online download if u wanted just to download it i wouldnt of wasted my time and money on the PC DISK. Version i am NOT a happy customer