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  • Amazon Customer - I like the clips

    I have purchased 2 of these, and convinced a friend to also purchase. I like the clips, and they use, and they are on both the front and the back of the cover. All in all I really like this top (although not as good as Tonno Pro). The reason for 2 starts....Well...I actually though of giving is a one star, but I do like the product fine. The issue is that they have never once responded to an email I have sent them asking questions. Even when it would have resulted in me purchasing yet another Bestop purchase. To me customer service is as important as any single thing when it comes to a product. You give me bad customer service, or in this case no service at all, and I will go else ware. The positive is that I thought the Bestop Tonneau was the best for the price, but have since found that Tonno Pro is even better. I actually am a little thankful for not getting customer service from Bestop, or I never would have known that Tonno Pro products were so good.

  • by Chris - Home Premium part is Great - Business part is Terrible

    First the great part - Home Premium - Really easy to use and worked like a champ! Everything a tax program should be.

  • Reverend Joaquin R. Larriba - Horn doesn't disappoint with this fantastic expose

    This valuable resource contains everything you ever wanted to know about this nation but were too afraid ask. Dr. Horn doesn't disappoint with this fantastic expose, revealing the long kept secrets of Free Masonry, their origin and their plans for the future. Connecting the dots with the Mayan Calendar was brilliant, I didn't see it coming. Bravo Dr. Horn!

  • billcb - This is the book to start with

    You know how you read a book written by an 'expert' but the advice doesn't quite jive with your common sense. Well that doesn't occur here. Everything is meat and potatoes, down to earth, easy to understand, and makes good sense. There were good examples, sometimes more than one, repeated later in the book to reinforce. I love it when a book does that because it takes most people two times to hear something before they remember it. I read Peter Lynch's book too, great book and is mentioned in this one. But its a little deeper and will make more sense after this one. Perfect book for the beginning investor.

  • BooLou - These AZO gooooood!!!

    I don't have issues, but I find that taking two of these each morning seems to keep toxins from accumulating. Seriously. I'm not a snake oil salesperson, but I started taking them as a preventive measure when I felt "something" coming on several months ago. Since I strated taking them daily, I have literally almost stopped having migraines and...believe it or has also helped when I do a little "drinking" the night before. I won't stop taking them regularly...EVER.

  • Ersil - Too Many Pens

    Can these pens be bought individually? I only intend to write things until I find a man and get married, so it's a waste of my hard-earned secretary salary to buy the whole pack.