Dr Yves Hébert | Clinique de Médecine & Chirurgie Esthétique - Situé à Montréal, Dr Yves Hébert est l'un des plus grands médecins de la médecine esthétique et la greffe de cheveux du Québec. Son objectif est de fournir aux patients un accès aux dernières technologies et la meilleure qualité des soins disponible.

Country:, North America, US

City: -84.3858 Georgia, United States

  • J. Alderson - Fixed a cable - saved $$ by not having to replace the blender!

    Although expensive, this stuff is pretty cool. So far my favorite use has been to fix a cable in the kitchen. The cable to my immersion blender got caught in the george foreman one day and the outer coating on the cord partially melted. I taped up the exposed part really well but I've always feared what might happen if it got wet. When I was trying out sugru I used some to patch up the cord and now I feel much more comfortable using my immersion blender! This is MUCH cheaper than getting a replacement. Pretty cool tool.

  • B. H. Rogers - A great EDC tool, and the ultimate Ikea companion

    I purchased this knife as a gift to myself last Christmas, since then it has become my favorite carry-knife. There is no noticeable play in the blade when open, and the drivers lock open positively. It's a great alternative to bulkier plier-type multitools when you want to avoid pocket bulges and utility belts. I seem to use it all the time, doing minor household repairs (ie loose screws), opening boxes, and of course opening bottles. I only have three minor issues with the tool. First, the screwdrivers should lock at a 90* angle to allow more torque. Second, the pocket clip should be adjustable for lefties and tip-up carry. Third, the slotted screwdriver should be easier to access with one hand. Other than those minor annoyances, this is an awesome tool.

  • Elizabeth Praast - PC-Matic or PC PitStop

    I purchased the PC Matic through PC Pitstop after watching a commercial on TV. My computer was running really slow, and I needed help. I purchased the PC Matic Home 5 payment installations for a 1 year subscription. However when I got my credit card statement it showed the payment of $49.99 in full. Rip-off! Once installed on my computer, it caused havoc on everything. It worked like a virus, wiping out programs, and data. My computer was a complete mess and certain programs I had been able to access for years, I could no long access. I had to pay someone to delete the PC Matic off my computer and repair all the damage it caused. I do NOT recommend anyone to ever purchase this in the future. I noticed on their website, there is NO address to mail a letter to, NO phone number to contact. I have to email my complaint on a standardized form on their website, and wait for someone to answer me. If this was an honest business why wouldn't they give you their physical or mailing address? How about a phone number for something other than "Technical Support." I regret every purchasing this product. It's a scam that put viruses ON my computer. CAUTION: Do NOT purchase this product and do NOT install it on your computer. I am sure sorry I did!