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  • Lisa Mann - Cheap Hydrogen Peroxide and Tea Tree Oil - far superior

    EMUAID's essential ingredient is TEA TREE OIL - get a bottle for $10 at the health food store - or spend $48 for one of these with an "exotic" howbeit USELESS ingredient (Emu oil from a bird we'd prefer to NOT see slaughtered for this snake oil product). GET the Tea Tree Oil and apply drops of it - it is powerful! ALSO for MRSA: hydrogen peroxide applied to the boils. Claims: "fill up the bathtub and pour a quart in, soak for 30 minutes; repeat every 2 hours. Your MRSA will fade away (don't get H2O2 water in your eyes)". H2O2 costs $1.97 a bottle. Skip this snake oil.

  • NICOLE REECE - Disappointed - for those using it as a workout

    My family are huge Just Dance fans. We've purchased everyone. I wish they would redo the original one for XBOX 360 there were some really great songs on there.

  • P S. - Cons outweigh the Pros

    I successfully used the Tile for the 8 months it worked but I left the app on so it would be able to keep up with it and it drained my phone....but otherwise it would not know where the tile was when I lost my keys. Also, they say you can retile at a reduced cost. You can buy a new 4 pack for 5 cents less than the cost of retiling. Where is your benefit for returning customers? I am going to find some other device....you lost a customer!