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  • Just another SD lady - Excellent!

    This product keeps my mouth fresh! I always use this right after brushing my teeth with Squiggle and I can tell you that my mouth has never felt so squeaky clean! I can honestly say, cleaner than leaving the dentist!

  • Sunshine Golson - Seriously :(

    So in truth this deserves a zero star rating but my daughter decided she could use it so I am giving it one star. Here is the deal I ordered a 2x I typically can sport an xl but I find its better to go up a size when ordering online. Any who lets start with the color this is an unusual shade of yellow it reminds me a bit of the color of fabric that has been sun bleached. As far as the size goes it is no where near a size 2x unless of course the intent was to use it as an incredibly tight crop top, and judging from the display picture that is not the intentions of this blouse. As a joke I asked my 12-year old daughter to throw it on and although considerably looser on her 5'1" 135 pound frame it still looked nothing like the picture. What I thought would be a laugh turned into seriousness when my daughter asked if she could keep it, did she love it ehhh but she thought it would be better than using her heavy hoodie when its not super cold and she is walking to the bus stop.

  • Photoshare - The best kickstand / credit-card case I have used

    This is now my favorite case for my iPhone 7 Plus. I had previously purchased multiple cases for my iPhone 6 Plus and now 7 Plus, including one other case that also stored a couple of credit-cards, but this case had two features that I wanted. 1) Hold a couple of credit cards and 2) Have a built-in stand.

  • Jay Adamczyk - Disappointed in some features, have to pay for some workouts

    The game is cool and the workouts get you sweating, but you can't make a custom workout. There are some workouts you can't do unless you buy them using Xbox Credits/Money, including a cool down which is one of the most important parts of a workout. For over $40 all the workouts should be available, and some workout are 'sponsored' by Gatorade and Humana, which seems odd. The sensor sometimes doesn't pick up a few of the movements we do, not sure if that is the game or sensor, but the sensor seems to work ok with other games.

  • A. Hoier - just say no to the powder

    I've been told numerous times, by many septic tank pumpers to stay away from these starch/powder additives. under most instances, the additive tends to "bulk up" into a big blob at the top of your septic tank(s) and doesn't do much.

  • jsorr - Excellent product, in my opinion

    Excellent product, in my opinion. Fit perfectly, easily installed, quiet and did not seem to adversely affect my fuel mileage. Never knew they were up there. Half the price of Honda's OEM item. If you have a late model CR-V, be sure you understand these cross bars will not mount on your car without the rails. I also purchased the rails from Amazon.

  • Apple R. - Finding ways to save for my retirement.

    Aside from my day job, I want to have something on the side that will enable me to have extra income and more ways to fund my retirement. I am thinking of going on a business but since I have a day job it somehow made things difficult for me. But I am sure that there will still be ways to do it.