ElderCounsel is elder law education and a document drafting software - ElderCounsel is the creator of the ElderDocx software and provides quality elder law education and practice building tools for special needs planning attorneys.

  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/membership/ ElderCounsel membership includes document drafting system and CLE education - Membership in ElderCounsel includes ElderDocx, our document drafting system, 24/7 education, newsletter medicaid immersion webinar series, and a community of attorneys.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/marketing-tools-for-attorneys/ Elder law attorney marketing tools for practice management - ElderCounsel's office management system is the marketing solution for practicing elder law attorneys with staffing best practices tips, newsletters, blog content, and a how to elder law practice guide
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/practice-enhancement-program/ Law Office Management is a practice development and HR solution for running an elder law office. - Office Management is a law office practice development package with human resource tools, 1-on-1 coaching calls, practice building education and marketing tools for practicing attorneys.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/elderdocx-elder-law-drafting-software/ ElderDocx is ElderCounsel’s Document Drafting System for Elder Law - ElderCounsel’s Drafting System, ElderDocx®, puts an efficient document assembly process right at your fingertips. The software will help you generate elder law documents.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/elder-law-continuing-legal-education/ Elder Law and Special Needs Planning Education | CLE - ElderCounsel provides continuing legal education in the areas of elder law, Medicaid, special needs planning and veterans pension planning for practicing attorneys.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/educationlibrary/ Education Library - ElderCounsel provides ElderDocx drafting software, CLE, office management systems and community to elder law, special needs, and veterans pension planning attorneys.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/annual-elder-law-and-estate-planning-symposium/ Annual Elder Law & Estate Planning Symposium | ElderCounsel & WealthCounsel - Join ElderCounsel for cle covering the areas of estate planning, elder law, special needs planning, wealth transfer planning, plus two days of “intensive training” in specific areas.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/education/elder-law-immersion-camps/ Elder Law Immersion Camp Education for Attorneys marketing and practice building support to give you confidence to take on clients right away - Attend our 3-day live Immersion Camp where you will learn the legal technical rules pertinent to Medicaid planning, including strategies to implement right away for clients, as well as marketing and practice building support to give you confidence to take on clients right away!
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/listserv/ Listserv are email discussion groups hosted by ElderCounsel - A listserv hosted by ElderCounsel is an email discussion group dedicated to topics of interest for estate planning professionals.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/about-eldercounsel/ ElderCounsel is the sister company of WealthCounsel created in 2007 - ElderCounsel is dedicated to the professional development and practice support of elder law attorneys with a document drafting system, education and practice development.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/member-resources/planning-areas/ Planning Areas - ElderCounsel is passionate about setting attorneys up for success. Find resources, content, on-demand webinars and more to help you get a jump start on key planning areas like elder law, Veteran's Benefits Planning, Special Needs, and Medicaid.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/the-principals/ ElderCounsel has elder law attorneys as their managing principals. - ElderCounsel has four attorneys, Michael Amoruso, Howard Krooks, Lou Pierro and Vincent Russo, who are leaders in the field of elder law and special needs planning.
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/our-team/ Our Team - ElderCounsel's team for ElderDocx, elder law education, office management system and attorney community includes Valerie Peterson, Melissa Johnson, Jim Paull
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/careers/ Careers at ElderCounsel | ElderCounsel is a virtual organization that requires a unique work ethic - ElderCounsel is dedicated to the professional development and full practice support of elder law attorneys. We are a virtual organization that requires a unique work ethic, team spirit, and fosters an open team environment. Join our team!
  • https://www.eldercounsel.com/national-board-members/ National Board Members - In addition to our highly-skilled and experienced ElderCounsel Principals, the members of our National Advisory Board help guide ElderCounsel's offerings and provide substantive input regarding the content of our documents.
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  • Malia M. - It's good for home videos.

    I quite like this. Video quality could be slightly better for HD, but it isn't terrible, it just isn't great. It records videos well enough. I managed to get some adorable videos of my dogs using this. Overall, I'm happy with it. But I'll still be looking into better quality cameras in the future.

  • S. Morgan - Not Worth the Upgrade

    Quite frankly, I didn't want to upgrade to 2013, but the price of 2010 was far too high these days. I don't like the 'updates' made to the user interface for 2013 and the severely limited color scheme options. I don't like that I only had the option for 1PC/1User unless I chose the 365 version that binds me to a yearly subscription. I miss Office 2010.

  • Lisa M. Cobb - Don't waste your money

    Piece of junk. Can't turn it down enough. All you hear is background noise. It is an amplifier, not a hearing aid. It amplifies everything but what you want to hear. It is a typical "as seen on tv" piece of you know what. Had to choose a 1 star, otherwise it would be zero.

  • HappyFamily1000 - Good quality and very practical. Love it.

    Great case, and different from anything else in the market. Good quality and very practical. Love it.