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  • Maevyn - Used to be good, now invasive

    It was good. I say that past tense. Now even browsing amazon it's trying to 'find better prices' for products on Amazon. It will only allow me to disable this for 24 hours at a time. It's slowed down my web browsing experience considerably. Granted, it's still fairly fast, but the longer pause is visible and annoying. It forced me to make exceptions to use a facebook login for other sites that I had already authorized. It's telling me that there's somewhere around 19 programs slowing my computer down. Since this last batch of updates, I'm going to say it's avast that's doing it. I'm not letting it anywhere near the optimization button. It's disappointing and frustrating. I've always felt secure with this software, and it was one of the least invasive around. I used to not really know it was there, other than the icon in the tray. Now it's everywhere.

  • Ralph - I drank the seafoam kool-aid!!

    I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this product, however I had read multiple great reviews on different platforms, threads, and blogs. I put the seafoam in my 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. I was experiencing throttle hesitation at low end take off, low-end torque, backpressure/fire when engine breaking (especially at lower gears) as well as all-around performance. I noticed an immediate, I mean IMMEDIATE improvement upon the first use after application. There are a few different recommendations on the bottle on how to use this product, I opted to use it directly in the fuel tank. I used 3 ounces for roughly about 3+ gallons of fuel. I recommend seafoam 100% without reservation!!

  • Kitchen Queen - OK but needs work

    For an experienced writer in other genres, I would expect more in plotting and character. The story is OK, but not engaging enough. And ending seemed too convenient and not believable as the heroine was not developed enough.

  • L.K. - works very well

    I love this product. i use it when i'm restless at night and can't seem to sleep. it works within 45 minutes at the longest. i usually feel it working in about 15 minutes and i fall right asleep. i never feel groggy when i wake up in the morning either.

  • chrislebaron - Good looking monitor, lacks HDMI

    I've used around 100 of these bad boys in a couple of call centers hooking them up to mac minis. They look great, but are a pain to assemble and get all of the little plastic wrapping off of if you're going to use a lot of them.

  • Mae L. Lanclos - I used to sell Cutco...

    I have a variety of knives which I got pretty cheap while I was in the business of selling the Cutco knives. They are a bit expensive, but they have a lifetime guarantee. Any problem you have with it, whether you burned the handle, ran over it with your car, or simply dulled it, they will fix it for you free of charge - maybe even replace it for you if the damage is bad enough. So it's definitely worth the high price in the long-run! And the knives are the best I've found for easing slicing and dicing.

  • Nick L. - Very Happy

    This is an excellent set for a brand new or returning player. I played when I was younger, then took several years off, and purchased this when I decided to start playing again. At under $20, even if you end up hating the game, you're not out very much. Plus, as an added bonus to old players like me, they included reprints of classic rare cards like Shivan Dragon and Sengir Vampire (now an Uncommon), but with the M15 symbol on the card.