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  • Karb85 - Great Serum!!

    I have been using hyaluronic acid serums for several months now. I've found some (on my skin it seem) take awhile to absorb while others are real quick. I've also noticed some are easier to spread a thin layer and others I feel like I keep having to use a little bit more to cover my face. This is in my top of hylauronic acid serums I have ever used. The bottle looks great, it is easy to apply and a little bit really does go a long way so I am glad about that as I think this will last me quite awhile. I haven't broke out from this serum, and it does appear to be working as described. I plan on repurchasing this when the current bottle I have runs out. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

  • Valerie Free - It is a wonderful moisturizing, restorative natural healing cream that will have ...

    Shea Butter has so many benefits for you! It is a wonderful moisturizing, restorative natural healing cream that will have your skin looking amazing in no time! I received this magic in a jar and at first the smell is not that great because this is legit 100% actual Shea Butter. When people think Shea Butter, usually the Shea Butter they buy is mixed with another type of carrier oil or lotion and that product masks the true Shea Butter smell. This Shea Butter I think would be great for making your own lotion mixing your favorite ingredients. There are so many recipes out there! The only Cons to this pure Shea Butter is the smell and the thickness of it. I could barely get it out of the jar let alone spread on my skin! But I just let it warm between my palms and my hands felt nice and smooth! The Pros are that it is truly beneficial to your skin. It will help fade those stretch marks...I have two kids so I got blessed with stretch marks on my tummy and this has helped fade with the little time I have been using it so I can only imagine what long term will look like. You could use this to make a lip balm, sunscreen, eye wrinkle cream, etc. So many recipes you can whip up and give away as Christmas Gifts! Heyyyyy now! There is an idea! But really, go out and get yourself some Shea Butter! It will change your skin!