Understanding Stem Cell Research and Treatments - The use of stem cells in medical treatments and therapies is fascinating. Our site discusses the topic in layman's terms.

  • http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/ovarian-function-stem-cells.html Ovarian Function and Stem Cells - Stem cells have shown promise in restoring fertility for women who suffer from premature ovarian failure.
  • http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/TotipotentStemCells.html Totipotent Stem Cells - Totipotent stem cells have the potential to create an entire organism and are often considered the 'master' cells. Their harvesting from foetal tissue does, however, raise ethical concerns.
  • http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/MajorDiseasesStemCells.html Major Diseases and Stem Cells - Stem cells may help cancer, retinal diseases, diabetes, heart disease and Parkinson's disease. Their potential to reduce morbidity and mortality from these diseases offers hope to the many sufferers.
  • http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/stem-cells-treat-blindness.html Stem Cells to Treat Blindness - The potential for stem cells to restore eyesight to the blind is very exciting. More research, however, is needed to bring this treatment to the public.
  • http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/BenefitsOfStemCells.html Benefits of Stem Cells - Stem cells hold many benefits for treating serious conditions such as Parkinson's disease and diabetes. Potential also exists to prevent diseases such as cancer once scientists have learned more about the process that leads to abnormal cell division.
  • http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/TherapeuticCloning.html Therapeutic Cloning - Unlike reproductive cloning, therapeutic cloning, also called somatic cell nuclear transfer, does not result in the creation of a human being. It is used to provide healthy stem cells to replace diseased tissues in the body.
  • http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/NewHarvestingTechniques.html New Harvesting Techniques - New stem cell harvesting techniques are important in addressing ethical concerns and enhancing the effectiveness of stem cell therapies. Blastomere extraction and altered nuclear transfer appear promising as newer harvesting techniques.
  • http://www.explorestemcells.co.uk/OverviewStemCellTherapy.html Overview of Stem Cell Therapy - Stem cell therapies are currently being used to treat diseases such as leukaemia. Scientists must, however, first address ethical and practical challenges before stem cell therapy can gain wide acceptance.

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  • S. Heinz - THERE IS HOPE!

    Last year I worked VERY hard to eat healthy in small portions and exercise like crazy 5x a week. As a result I lost 45 pounds. And then I found out I was pregnant. I gained it all back and then some. Once I healed from my c-section I started working out faithfully 5x a week again - and eating healthy. Yet nothing was working to take off those pounds. After 6 weeks I had lost a pound and I was SOOOO ready to throw in the towel. My mom reminded me that a few years ago I followed the IR way of linking and balancing and lost 35 pounds then - goodness knows why I ever stopped. I think my low self-esteem back then stopped me from getting back on the wagon every time I fell off. I also have known for 5 or 6 years now that I have PCOS and it's put me in the state of mind for years that I would never be able to lose the weight and keep it off. But when I spoke to my mom a couple weeks ago she encouraged me to cut back on carbs. I decided to follow the 2:1 ratio in the IR Diet book. This past week? I lost 7 pounds in one week, never once felt deprived, didn't crave bad food or large portions and I had more energy than usual - only needed one nap. And what's better? I hardly had to work at it! It's like my body breathed a sigh of relief because I was FINALLY doing what it needed. I am so encouraged by the fact that I went for 6 weeks struggling through with barely no weight loss and once I started eating right I lost 7 pounds in one week! I am still kind of in shock. I haven't read the book in a while but I do remember that it encourages fat-free dairy products (and other things like salad dressings) and I am not a fan - in fact I won't eat them. Most of the low-fat or fat-free products are actually HIGHER in carbs (and many times sodium also) than their fattier counterparts. That's how they add flavor and cut fat - they add carbs instead. I'll take the extra fat, thanks. Also - I don't ever do artificial sweeteners so if it means I just get a smaller piece of cake or one less cookie then so be it. Other than those two points I pretty much agreed with all the science of the book. My mom borrowed my copy of the book and then loaned it to someone else so I am running out tomorrow for a new copy. I want to reread the whole thing, but at it's core - this plan and way of eating and living truly works. It's basic and it works.

  • Michele - Major disappointment

    I have to go in and redo ALL of my accounts that I want updated. You would think that with an upgrade it would transfer all of that information. Also the rental portion is so difficult that I never used it in my last version. I was "hoping" that was the area of most improvement but it is not so still cant use it.

  • Kim M. Young - Fantastic mount - be careful with larger tv installations

    This mount is awesome. We bought two of them this month and mounted my son's smaller tv (not sure dimensions) and our 37" insignia. It is fantastic, gives lots of movement options, and wasn't too difficult to install... except... the one complaint I would have is that if your tv is on the heavier side (our 37" was well within the weight guidelines but is definitely heavy) and you are trying to mount it up higher the last part when you screw the tv into the rail can be very difficult. I was on a small ladder ready to screw in and my husband was on the ground holding it up. The screws and hole at this point are very very tiny and has to be a very precise location to hold it in. Holding this large tv up for so long to match it up so precisely with the spinning bolts above it dropping into the way constantly can be very difficult. If those top screws that changed the angle were in a slightly different place or there was a way to hold them out of the way of this step that would be great. Or if the screw and hole were larger that would also be much easier.