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  • A. J. Abadsafian - Oh god...havent stopped puking.... X(

    Bought two of these bottles for the dorm room, thinking that these would make excellent pranks. Little did I know that they smelled not like a lonely turd, but much worse than a fart. Its that type of a smell where it hits your gag reflex and really makes you want to leave the room. I put it all over the bathroom in the dorm and now I am in utter hell becuase of the smell. I feel like crying because I can't take the dang smell but It was my fault for emptying the whole bottle in one sitting in the bathroom. May God have mercy on us all...

  • Amazon Customer - A Very Happy Customer

    This is my second order of Rogaine for Women. I wasn't certain this would work for me, as so many reviewers didn't have good results or any results. Applying twice a day seemed a bit excessive to me and I wasn't certain I would follow through. Although this product comes with some instruction, it doesn't say whether it should be rubbed into the scalp or dabbed on with aid of cotton balls or what, so I started by simply applying, then combing it through my hair to keep the liquid from running everywhere. Within a month I was growing fuzzies! The fuzzies turned into hair and the hair is healthy and shiny! I have tried massaging it gently on the scalp, letting it just run and washing it from where I don't want it, combing it and there doesn't seem to be any difference. I color the new hair just as I do the "old" hair, style it with gels, heating irons and hair spray. I have no thin spots any more. I am a very happy customer.

  • Bill K - Great Read Again This Year

    Again this year, a must-read for dedicated Longhorn Football fans. Pulls no punches. Excellent insights, and a lot of good humor to top it off! Hook 'Em!!!

  • R. Markovic - Great product!

    Great product to use if you can afford it. If too pricey for you, then buy just once a month and use a couple of times a week, for when you cheat more on your diet.

  • Dominick Bruno - A reminder of days Gone By

    Reading Carole's memoir harkened me back to the time of the musical renisance! During the middle sixties through the middle seventies there were an amazing amount of brilliant song writers and musicians. Carole's writing is