Family Support Network Illinois - The mission of the Family Support Network is to unify individuals with disabilities and their families to advocate for funding, services and community resources that strengthen and support the individual and the family directly by responding to their individual needs and empowering them to live in their own homes.

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  • Bigmac - Slows Down Your Computer!

    I purchased Webroot Security Software based on a good review by PC Magazine--big mistake! Although it doesn't take up much space on your computer it slows it down big time. The time when I noticed it most was when I would surf the Web. This happened on all three of the computers we installed it on--two of them are pretty new.

  • Happy Reader - Really good information

    This book has really been helpful to me as I haven't used Quick Books for 5 years and just went into using the 2012 version. The program has changed so much I couldn't have done it without this

  • Chef Elle Green - THIS HAS MY VOTE

    So far, so good! I've been using this product for 2 months now and there is hair growth! YAY!!! I was a bit skeptical initially, but this was highly recommeded and the ingredients are all GOOD!

  • dogowner - Absolutely do not buy this. Rip Off

    It is a horrible idea. Do not buy it! You don't own anything. You are renting to use the software on a monthly subscription basis. Once the subscription is out, or you cancel it or stop paying, then that software is inaccessible to you. It is a huge slap to the face for all designers who use PhotoShop for their profession. I have lost a ton of respect for Adobe now that they have done this.

  • Maryanne Zebrowski - Crashing with Windows 10

    Overall I found the product amazing (tools available, quality, etc) but the program continues to spontaneously crash! I have Windows 10 which I thought was compatible with the program, but it has been an absolute wreck trying to get it to work. Now the program crashes within two minutes of starting it and I lose any progress I'd made in my art. Extremely disappointing because I really do appreciate the program.