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  • Mom of three - LOVE IT!!!

    First of all I bought this because of the reviews I read on here, and that it was exactly like wen. Well, I have never used Wen, but it seems like this would be like it by the descriptions I have read about Wen and seen on commercials. Either way, I love this stuff!!! I have dry, colored hair, and once I get it passed a certain point of length, no matter what it always seems like it becomes very damaged and just nasty looking at the ends, plus it gets very frizzy from breakage. I dont think this is a miracle worker product, and I do still have some frizz/fly away hairs, but after using the product my hair was definitely softer and shinier. I was worried it would start getting greasy looking, or feeling filmy after a few "washes", but nothing of the sort so far and I have been using it for about 3-4 weeks now, which I have actually only had to wash my hair 3 times. It does require a lot of product to wash my hair, but I am washing it way less, so it evens out. I have also started using this on both of my daughter's hair, they both have fine hair, unlike me, and not colored/damaged (they are 2 and 4), and the product does not make their hair greasy either, but much softer, and zero tangles after bath time which is heaven sent!

  • Amazon Customer - Frustration after frustration - AVOID this product

    I have used Quickbooks in the past. This is my first with payroll. I was reluctant to purchase this product due to what I believe to be exorbitant cost. Installation has been a nightmare. Their Filipino call center wants 59.95 just to help WITH INSTALLATION! My billion dollar plus banking institution was not recognized - they wanted money to register it. After days I still have no payroll capacity. Multiple completely valid credit cards have been denied to pay their extra payroll charges. This is HORRID! One more frustration and I will be dropping Quickbooks for all my companies.

  • Richard M from NY - Barbie

    I bought this for my grandaughters first Christmas--- I wanted her to have the doll form the year she was born. The price was really fair and it arrived quickly.... I am very pleased

  • K-Rid - Perfect for minimalist travel

    I bought this item to use as my only bag when traveling light. I like to fly discount carriers, some of which charge even for carry on bags. I usually would just use a backpack with a laptop compartment and put it under the seat in front me. The main problem with that strategy was that clothes would not stay folded and end up wrinkled. When I saw this bag, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

  • Jess in PA - Great for anti acne and anti redness

    So I have had acne prone slime for a bit over 20 years and have some red spots from older acne along with a couple of scars. I breakout a lot more in the summer time and that will range from lsrge to small blemishes. My facial scars: One is a shallow scar on my forehead from almost 30 years ago where I had stitches and I have a couple of chicken pox scars that are equally as shallow along with a deeper forehead scar from a staph infection from about 3 years ago.