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    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • kurleedaddee - Very happy with the quality of the paint

    Used this paint on my Honda Civic wheels. Sanded them down and put 2 thick coats of this paint on them. Very happy with the quality of the paint.

  • AlaskaFan - Great for sensitive skin!

    I'm allergic to most make-ups and lotions and stuff but I tried this product and have never looked back! It has great coverage and doesn't bother my skin at all, the way some supposed hypo-allergenic make-ups do. Highly recomended

  • Alex - This is a review book for people who already studied about it

    Very good book for recapping what you have already studied by yourself or with your school. Don't expect this book to give you all you need as the chapters are very summarized. VERY good mnemonic processes for helping remember content you already studied!

  • Pen Name - Seems like good quality

    Seems like good quality, nice stainless steel finish. The 2 lights are not very bright and are yellow tone. The light color did not look nice with the under cabinet LED lights turned on, which are pure white in color and are very bright. Very powerful fan when on high setting. There is 4 fan speed settings, under normal use # 2 speed seems to be efficient, Maybe #3 speed if really needed. At the highest setting of #4 is really strong and loud, there is even a noticeable turbulence / echoing effect when on the highest setting. The highest setting is probably too powerful for my size kitchen and duct size.