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  • Teri Demgen - this stuff does NOT work

    I bought this product based on all the great reviews it received from other buyers on Amazon. We have had a flea problem for months where we think they are all gone but then they all come back again. We've tried chemical sprays, giving our cat a bath with Dawn, keeping the cat outside, keeping him inside, flea collars, etc. So I was so excited to get something that was chemical free that was supposed to work so quickly. We sprayed our apartment the first time and while it does smell good, we noticed fleas about a day later. We rubbed it all over our cat and he was still scratching a day later. We decided to try it again. So we vacuumed, sprayed the rest of the bottle and went to work for the day. Just got home and vacuumed again, and there were TONS of LIVE fleas, big ones and little ones crawling around in the dust/hair from the vaccuming. We are now going to have to hire professionals as this is the last straw! All in all, this stuff does smell as good as everyone says, but it really is a waste of time and money. I'd like to talk to the people who used this and say it worked so well the first time!

  • Sometimes I buy things - Thank you, Hoover.

    Let me start by saying I live in an old house. The house itself is a little crooked, so my laminate floors tend to shift with the weather. This turned out to be a huge problem using a regular mop, because the moisture would get in between the cracks and warp my floors. Another important point is I have a dog who sheds like crazy. At first I forgot to attach the squeegee and thought this was a total waste of money. My bad! Once I put that thing on this has saved me more time and my floors have stayed cleaner than they have since they were installed.

  • jrose86 - Instructions are written for a reason!

    My fiance recommended we try this organically-processed, whole food-based cleanse as it was recommended to him by a trusted, knowledgable nutritionist-friend. We've been attempting to go completely vegetarian/vegan over the summer, and it's had its challenges, but we enjoy fresh, organic produce and always have. When we do consume meat and dairy on occasion (2-3 times a week), it is from a grass fed beef/free range poultry farm, as well as eating their eggs. Yes, a diet like this can be expensive, but would you rather pay the farmer now or the doctor later? I choose to support the farmer! I learned a lot from watching Netflix documentaries on juicing and curing cancer with the proper diet, and this seemed like a great way to cleanse our bodies before bringing any animal protein and dairy back in our diets, if we choose to do so. BTW, he is 31 at 5' 8"/190 lbs. and I am 26 at 5'7"/135 lbs., so our goals are to detox and lose a few pounds. The best thing about this diet is that you can have all the veggies and fruits you WANT! It is recommended to have more veggies than fruit, of course, because of the higher sugar content of fruit.

  • Blind Dad - Our favorite salsa

    This is our favorite salsa, thick and chunky with just enough spice to liven everything up. We use it on most MExican fare and even on steaks, chops, etc. Great as a dip too.