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  • Anna - It's good for light cleaning and does a great job of ...

    The box only contained one wet pad. This is something I have overlooked while buying this product. It's good for light cleaning and does a great job of cleaning hardwood floors. However, I have tried using it in the kitchen in the apartment I have recently moved in that let's just say was not in the best shape, and it did not prove nearly as effective as I had hoped. The floor in there required much more intense scrubbing then this little thing can do.

  • Elizabeth H - Great Book!

    I got this for a Harry Potter fanatic I know, and she loves it! Really wish there could be pictures, but still I love the references to exact mentions of the foods and drinks in books (including chapters and page numbers!)

  • gilenh20 - Dull hair and soap scum!

    I love Earth Mama products - especially the Angel Baby Butt Balm! So when I was looking for an organic/safer shampoo/body wash I knew I wanted to try their product. I liked it at first but then noticed that it left my son's hair very dull - no shine and it wasn't nice and soft anymore. I also noticed that all of his bath toys developed this thick layer of soap scum that they didn't have before using the product and it also leaves a soap scum ring around the tub. It's also NOT tear free and really did seem to irritate my son's eyes if any got in them. I do love the citrus scent. I also use the Angel Baby lotion and like that very well. I'm saddened this product didn't work for us. (trying Burt's Bees Baby Bee shampoo/body wash and so far like that really well).

  • William Pochron - I love this ball

    This ball seems smaller, though it is not. Great balance and plays well. This is picky, but the only thing that isn't great about it is the fact that the topspin curve is less predictable in agressive play. Otherwise, awesome ball.

  • Dawn R - Love it! I've been using these products for one ...

    Love it! I've been using these products for one month now and I see a big difference in my hair, it's healthier and I see new hair growth already. I would highly recommend these products.

  • erin - I personally love this product

    I find it interesting no one is reviewing the product as bought from Amazon, at least the 10-15 reviews I read were about being drawn into an orogold store. That being said I felt the need to review this product.