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  • Ms. Erin B. Crilly - HUGE improvement over lesser brands!

    I asked lots of people about boys bikes before settling on this one. My boys (age 4 and 5) were coming from 12" bikes by Huffy and Kawasaki. Both of those had issues, primarily the lack of torque on the pedals. The older kid kept pushing so hard on the pedals (mostly from pedaling while standing) that the chain came off. EVERY DAY. This one is much better constructed and the mechanics a better fit. The boys both love it (I've got a 20" on order for the older kid, who is almost six and TALL). The training wheels are good quality, and the frame is a tad lighter than lesser brands. As for assembly - it's more of an intuitive process than follow the generic 50 page instruction book. Even my tech-saavy husband messed up: he put the front fork on backward, and was happy with it until I showed him a picture showing otherwise. Just be patient with it - or take it to a bike shop. I really like how low the seat adjusts on this bike - the four year old is just over 40" tall - but the seat on the lowest setting is just right for him. (The five year old is 48" and I wouldn't keep him on a bike this size for too much longer - he looks gangly on it).

  • Roy Gerald Biv - This is the death of humanity

    I heard of this product from other Children of the Night at the last ritual, and I decided that I must check it out, as they had stated that it might contain the key to freeing the Great Lord. So we pooled our money, and I sacrificed the other members of my sect and used their dead fingers to order, as the Book demands. Upon completion of the online transaction, there was a knock on my office door. I turned, and saw the product squatting in the doorway. I knelt down to pick it up, but found that it was too heavy to move. At this time, I realised that this did not hold the key to the Great Lord. This was the Great Lord. However, I also realised that the Great Lord did not, as he had promised us, have the Plan of Devastation. Despite my loss of faith in the Dark, I did learn some new bloodletting rituals, so it was somewhat educational.

  • Michele - Recently Purchased and so far, so good...

    I am a single mother of an almost 3 year old boy. He has speech issues and has been in speech therapy since he was about two years old. We (myself and him) have learned some ASL (American Sign Language) techniques that have "defused" some of his negative behavior. As I and his therapist suspected, a lot of negative behavior has steamed from his lack of ability to communicate his needs as he got older.

  • cielsaphir - Top 10 under $1000

    I bought this bike as a surprise for my fiance, who bikes everyday but refuses to spend the money on a fancy bike. He was not immediately sold on the bike but was touched by the gesture so decided to keep it. He ended up falling in love with it. The difference between his old 26'er and this 29'er are night and day. He rides in New Mexico and it is just perfect for the terrain. He actually even loves the factory seat that came with it. His only major complaint was the heavier wheel set, which he ended up banging up pretty bad and replacing with a lighter tubeless set. Great little bike for the price. If you're not into your bike brands, this one is worth every penny.

  • S. Heinz - THERE IS HOPE!

    Last year I worked VERY hard to eat healthy in small portions and exercise like crazy 5x a week. As a result I lost 45 pounds. And then I found out I was pregnant. I gained it all back and then some. Once I healed from my c-section I started working out faithfully 5x a week again - and eating healthy. Yet nothing was working to take off those pounds. After 6 weeks I had lost a pound and I was SOOOO ready to throw in the towel. My mom reminded me that a few years ago I followed the IR way of linking and balancing and lost 35 pounds then - goodness knows why I ever stopped. I think my low self-esteem back then stopped me from getting back on the wagon every time I fell off. I also have known for 5 or 6 years now that I have PCOS and it's put me in the state of mind for years that I would never be able to lose the weight and keep it off. But when I spoke to my mom a couple weeks ago she encouraged me to cut back on carbs. I decided to follow the 2:1 ratio in the IR Diet book. This past week? I lost 7 pounds in one week, never once felt deprived, didn't crave bad food or large portions and I had more energy than usual - only needed one nap. And what's better? I hardly had to work at it! It's like my body breathed a sigh of relief because I was FINALLY doing what it needed. I am so encouraged by the fact that I went for 6 weeks struggling through with barely no weight loss and once I started eating right I lost 7 pounds in one week! I am still kind of in shock. I haven't read the book in a while but I do remember that it encourages fat-free dairy products (and other things like salad dressings) and I am not a fan - in fact I won't eat them. Most of the low-fat or fat-free products are actually HIGHER in carbs (and many times sodium also) than their fattier counterparts. That's how they add flavor and cut fat - they add carbs instead. I'll take the extra fat, thanks. Also - I don't ever do artificial sweeteners so if it means I just get a smaller piece of cake or one less cookie then so be it. Other than those two points I pretty much agreed with all the science of the book. My mom borrowed my copy of the book and then loaned it to someone else so I am running out tomorrow for a new copy. I want to reread the whole thing, but at it's core - this plan and way of eating and living truly works. It's basic and it works.