Fundación Machaqa - Fundación Machaqa promueve procesos educativos, productivos, organizativos e investigación en pueblos indígena originario campesinos y población en desventaja socio-económica, en área rural y urbana.

Country:, South America, AR

City: -60.6784 Santa Fe Province, Argentina

  • Tori - It disssolved in my drink easily and was way better than the regular prenatals I ...

    Received a free sample and was pleasantly surprised. It disssolved in my drink easily and was way better than the regular prenatals I had been taking which varied between gummies and one a day. Would definitely buy.

  • Biblio-Nut - Beware 3rd party support posing as Kaspersky tech support

    I had a Kaspersky 2013 Internet Security Suite that stopped working. I agree with many viewers that trying to access live Kaspersky tech support can be an exercise in futility. However, given the huge number of complaints about Kaspersky tech support, you have to wonder if some reviewers made the same mistake I did, which was googling Kaspersky tech support and ending with a third party tech support firm. I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a company called (phone:1-877-975-0566; they also have other phone numbers). I later found out that they are part of a company called Lester, Inc, headquartered in Connecticut, but with so called tech support from a center in India. Search and you will find a long list of complaints from unhappy and angry individuals who had the misfortune of accidentally contacting them.

  • Christie - smells like baby shampoo

    I know some reviewers complain about the scent of this product, but I've always liked it. I've been using it for about a year, and finally figured out what it smells like: baby shampoo. Good, old fashioned 'no more tears'. Sort of soapy and clean rather than the floral scents so many beauty products employ. It makes my hair look healthier and feel smoother, but only if I use it on damp hair. If my hair is already fully dry, then it feels oily and doesn't really distribute through all of my hair. I use a nickle sized portion in the palm of my hand, smear my hands together, and work it through hair that is still damp, nearer to dry than to dripping. Then the results are nice. I've actually received compliments on the scent from a beauty tech who thought I was wearing perfume when I had used no other scented products. She was inches away from my head at the time, though, so don't think it spreads away from you like perfume does. I have very fine, straight, light brown hair.

  • Kelly C Todd - I shave it like once a week now and it's no problem

    This was seriously a life changer. I'm unfortunately 37 already and would have died for this 17 years ago. Got my back completely hairless (and i had a seriously hairy back) and has stayed that way. I shave it like once a week now and it's no problem.