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  • Cosmetic Foot Care: Beauty Tips, Pedicures, Nail Art and More | Footfiles - Cosmetic foot care in depth, from nail art, callus remover pedicures, foot creams, vitamins, and other pedi treats for your tootsies
  • Cosmetic Foot Care: Pedicure Tips, Toenail Fungus Removal Info | Footfiles - Podiatrists agree foot beauty and wellness requires cosmetic care like callus and toenail fungus removal, a podiatric pedicure for bunions and other soothers
  • Nail Design: Trends, Tutorials, Inspiration and Mani/Pedi Basics | Footfiles - All the latest in nail art trends: mani and pedi designs, appliques, nail gel and lacquer colors, artistic Instagram inspiration, CND vs. OPI or Essie, and more
  • Shoes: Hottest Arrivals, Colors And Info For Sandal Season And Beyond | Footfiles - Sandals or sneakers, pumps or flats? Or just barefoot? Find shoe health info, trends, orthopedic advice for bunions, orthotics and more
  • Healthy Feet | Footfiles - As your online podiatrist, we’d like to help you achieve healthy feet and toes free from ailments like warts, ingrown nails, cracked heels and nail mycosis
  • Foot Diseases and Disorders: Information and Healing | Footfiles - All you need to know about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of foot disorders: Achilles tendonitis, bunions, warts, toenail fungus and everything in between
  • Orthopaedics: Information and Healing | Footfiles - Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine concerned with impairments and deformities of the musculoskeletal system
  • Children's Foot Care | Footfiles - Footfile's Children's Foot Care page is where parents can find the best health care information on childhood foot disorders, diseases and more
  • Diabetic Foot Care | Footfiles - Simple steps to help people with diabetes avoid limb amputation and other complications from ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, ulcers and minor foot injuries
  • Foot Wellness | Footfiles - Foot reflexology, acupuncture, soothing massages and footbaths give sore, tired feet the relaxation and renewed energy they need
  • Foot Massages: Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Health Benefits | Footfiles - Foot massages can reduce pain, decrease stress, benefit your overall health and even improve your sex life
  • Foot Baths: At-Home Spa Soaks, Benefits and More | Footfiles - Foot baths are a must for healthy and happy feet. For a spa worthy soak that rivals your latest pedicure, at-home footbath and foot soak options are available
  • Naturopathy Foot Care | Footfiles - Naturopathy is a form of complimentary medicine that uses natural treatments like homeopathy, acupuncture and herbalism to achieve results
  • Relaxation: Soothing Foot Care and Techniques | Footfiles - Relaxing foot exercises, breathing techniques and other activities can help reduce your pain and stress and lead to tranquility and mindfulness
  • Let's Talk About... | Footfiles - Sex, dating and relationship advice for feet lovers and their partners: Foot fetish, foot worship and foot cuddling info, quizzes, pictures and more
  • Wiki- The Ultimate Foot Resource and Glossary | Footfiles - Browse through our list of foot related terms from A to Z to find more information about each term, including photos, descriptions, links and more.
  • News and Trends | Footfiles - Keep current about the world of feet, from breaking health news in the medical field, viral videos featuring feet, noteworthy shoe industry trends and more
  • 7 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help The Health Of Your Feet | Footfiles - The health benefits of apple cider vinegar can do a world of wonders for your feet, like helping Athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, foot odor, aches and more
  • The DIY Pumpkin Foot Scrub Your Feet Will Die For | Footfiles - Pumpkin season isn’t just for pies and PSLs. The fabulous fall staple makes a perfect pumpkin foot scrub that hydrates the feet and is easy to make at home
  • How To Waterproof Boots And Protect Shoes From The Rain | Footfiles - Don’t let rain, snow and salt ruin your gorgeous fall boots and shoes! Avoiding puddles isn’t enough, so use these tips to protect and waterproof your shoes
  • DIY Boot Shapers Made From Magazines: Genius Closet Hack | Footfiles - You’ll love this completely free DIY boot shaper idea that keeps your boots in shape, organizes your closet and recycles old magazines in one fell swoop.
  • How To Avoid Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease - Reduce Your Risk | Footfiles - Here’s how to protect you and your family from the recent outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease, including prevention tips, symptoms and more.
  • Diabetic Foot Disease Costing Patients And Hospitals Millions | Footfiles - An Australian study shows diabetic foot disease costs hospitals and patients millions of dollars annually while over half of the cases are preventable!
  • Elderly Falls: How A Podiatrist Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Falling | Footfiles - Podiatrists are working overtime to reduce the shockingly high number of elderly falls that occur each year. Reducing senior spills is now a top priority.
  • How To Help A Baby Or Toddler Adjust To Ankle And Leg Braces | Footfiles - Help your baby or toddler quickly adjust to corrective brace wear like a kids leg brace, ankle brace or foot brace with these helpful tips.
  • Reality Check: Foot Worship And Foot Love Are The New Norm | Footfiles - Instagram, the Oscars and Google don’t lie: America’s got an obsession with feet that goes way beyond your typical foot fetishism!

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  • Reader - So far, so good

    I was confused by the reviews here, which seem to be all over the map. In the end, I decided to take a chance and purchase SmartDraw 2012 Standard, which I purchased by phone from the manufacturer. Their website offered only a downloadable version, and I wanted a "hardcopy" on CD. The person I spoke with at SmartDraw was very helpful in answering questions, and said they can ship a packaged version for an additional $19.95, which I was fine with. No sooner did I hang up, than I found an email with a link for downloading SmartDraw immediately, which I wasn't expecting, but really appreciated being able to use the software right away, without having to wait for the CD. There was also a second email with links to a series of tutorials - I appreciated this too.

  • Michael I. Wirth - Excellent elliptical for the home

    This is an excellent elliptical for the home; smoother and with more features than the gyms I used to work-out at. A bit pricey for the home but well worth it. Incredibly smooth and silent has easy hand controls for the level and the incline for your workout. A bit of a process to put together but the instructions are fairly easy to follow.

  • mark erickson - Baby soft feet .... I can't believe it at 56

    I'm a 56 year old male who has in the past 2 years developed serious cracked heals. I have been using a sanding board to take down the callous and that has worked well but the cracks still presented. I started using Flexitol about a month ago with regularity. I put the product on my feet liberally after showering and before bed. I wore socks to bed that night. In addition, I applied in the morning after showering then socks then shoes. I haven't been consistent with applying 2x per day but this is the way I applied and I have for the last month more or less kept to a schedule on average of getting an application on 1x per day although there have been days when I haven't applied the product. BOTTOM LINE .... is my heal cracking has improved DRAMATICALLY if not disappeared all together w/in 30 days of this type of use. I am thrilled to death as these cracks have been persistent for several years. The bottoms of my feet now look like a new born and I couldn't be more please. NO NEED TO LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE. I just order 2 more tubes as I intend to continue the treatment as a preventative. My results where achieved in total with the use of about 75% of a 4 oz tube. I'm sold on this stuff. Great product .... great price !!!

  • Ri¢her - Exceptional Quality and Design

    I've owned many types of solar garden lights and this one is by far the best one. The stainless steel body gives it a contemporary look as well as providing good protection from the weather. One of the best features I find useful is the on/off switch. This feature allows it to be stored away without draining the battery or when you don't want it to be in use such as during the winter time. Overall, this is a high quality item that is durable and makes your walkway look beautiful and bright!