FOTO ARTUS - Desde 1925, el cliente es nuestra principal preocupación, por ese motivo intentamos dar un buen precio y multitud de valores añadidos, como por ejemplo vales de revelado, descuentos para cursos de fotografía, acceso a concursos para nuestros clientes, et

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  • Pennie - Nicely made

    My kids have a cheaper table tennis set, so I thought it would be nice to get this as an extra racket for the set. My husband and I are both favorably impressed with this racket. Compared to the cheaper rackets, it: (1) is a bit heavier, (2) has a handle that is more substantial and comfortable, (3) is thicker and has more layers, and (4) plays "easier" - the ball flies off the racket. My husband said that it would be easier to spin the ball with this paddle, as well. We think it's a great paddle and are happy to add it to our set! Although I purchased this paddle at a reduced price in exchange for testing and review purposes, that has no bearing on my review.

  • AlwaysLearning - Worked Perfect/ Great Customer Service

    This worked perfectly. Did everything they said and had a beautiful mist. I have only used glass diffuser's in the past

  • happydance - This is the best flea treatment around

    This is the best flea treatment around. If someone plans to get a new kitten or cat I suggest treating the carpet 2-4 weeks prior to their coming, because it interrupts the flea life cycle but doesn't kill them immediately.

  • Anderson Theofilo Farias Braga Paiva - Livro Windows Server 2012 Unleashed

    On the recommendation of Professional friends in the area of ​​IT. Great product exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed my purchase. I am very satisfied.

  • BeMo - but I didn't like how it made me feel

    No significant weight loss using this product alone. I've had this product over a year. I use it in a roller bottle with grapeseed carrier oil. When I first bought the bottle, I did try to use a few drops of oil in a tall glass of water (not the 4oz liquid as it suggested), but I didn't like how it made me feel. Even in a tall glass of water, the oil was too strong! There are written concerns about ingesting essential oils so I decided that I would just use topically and in a diffuser. It's possible that those taking orally have better results. I just decided not to do that because of how it made me feel and I already have digestive issues and didn't want to make it worse. I use this in conjunction with diet and exercise and I have lost weight. I tried initially just using the oils without exercise to see if I notice a difference and I did not. As this oil was a bit pricey, I do not think I will order it again. I do think there are benefits using grapefruit, lemon, and the other oils in the blend to aid weight loss. Since I am not taking the oils by mouth, I think I will just make my own cheaper blend of the grapefruit, lemon, cinnamon from individual oils that I have.

  • Nancy W. Hall - Excel 2010 For Dummies

    Great...I need all the help that I can get in solving my problems with Excel. I have found it very easy to use and helpful. I haven't used Excell in years and it is true that if you don't use it you lose it.

  • Denise Diaz - Surprised at its efficiency.

    I have tried several other kinds of products; chew-able dog bones, liquid stuff, other kinds of treats. And even dry food that claims to help with dental care.The only problem with my dog is the plaque on his molars in the back that seemed to be getting worse. I couldn't even brush his teeth, but mainly because it irritated his gums more than actually clean anything. Nothing has come close to this thus far. This product came in the mail early last week. Just over a week later, I'm already seeing results. It's clearing up and getting whiter, and I had bought a scraper just in case, but I don't think I'm even gonna need it at this rate.