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  • Sarah Williams - Amazing experience

    I have Really dry flaky skin that seems easily irritated and my doctor suggested a retinol moisturizer for the scales. This is my first experience with retinol and the change it made in the first 48 hrs was incredible. I am 29 and I use this at night after an oily toner for mature skin from body shop. It just sinks in and my skin Is smooth in the morning. I could wear foundation now and I only bought this brand cause it was $6 at marshals by my house. Now I need more

  • Momthebomb - It Works! It's Amazing!

    I bought the Nutribullet before ever seeing the infomercials. We needed something to replace the Magicbullet we took to the office.

  • Randy - It Works

    This things just works. Set it out and within a day, i had four. Dropped those four off at their new home, and set it out again. In about another day, caught three more. Now just waiting for the new clan to move in, and then I will add them to the relocation plan.

  • Daphne - which good solutions should take

    I have tried every other over the counter solution: fungi nail, fungi cure, fungi this, fungi that, and nothing worked. This product works. Although it takes a long time, which good solutions should take, my toenails are beginning to look much better. I will continue to use this product until my nails look normal again.

  • Tinywishes - I was a little skeptical that this could be a good product, given the reasonable price

    Honestly, I was a little skeptical that this could be a good product, given the reasonable price. But I bit the bullet and ordered two anyway, figuring that they couldn't be as bad as my aging charger that had become unreliable. SO glad I did! Now I have a charger for my backpack, and one for the car, and I'm never without a way to charge my phone when I need to.

  • Graywalker - what a waste!

    very unhappy with the machine...first, does NOTHING include manuals or paperwork of any kind anymore? Put it together and used it daughter has the shark and after reading up I decided on the Bissel...thinking the suction power might be better. WRONG! poor suction power...poor steam performance and a smaller cleaning area so takes even longer...returning it asap and getting the Shark!

  • Scott Douglas - Great grass seed!

    I overseeded an area of my lawn that wouldn't grow any other grass. Now that area looks better than most of the rest of my yard. Great grass seed!