Arthur J. Gallagher - The Specialist Employee Benefits Consultancy - Arthur J. Gallagher Employee Benefits, the specialist Employee Benefit Consultancy. Experts in Pensions, Auto-enrolment, Risk & Healthcare, Flexible Benefits and Wealth Management.

  • About Us - Find out about Arthur J. Gallagher Employee Benefits and Wealth Management - our history and our expertise.
  • Workplace Pensions - Arthur J. Gallagher Employee Benefits - Specialists in Corporate Pension consultancy, Auto-enrolment, Pension Scheme Reviews and Scheme Governance
  • Auto-enrolment - Confused about Auto-enrolment? Our cost-effective, impartial consultancy service will help your business meet your obligations.
  • Pensions Audit - Is your Company Pension fit for purpose? Our comprehensive audit service will review your arrangements and design the best scheme for your business and staff.
  • Consultancy & Design - Is your Company Pension fit for purpose? Our comprehensive consultancy and design service will review your arrangements and design the best scheme for your business and staff.
  • Provider Selection - Looking for a Company Pension for your staff? Our consultants can help your business find and arrange the best pension on the most preferential terms.
  • Admin & Processing - Outsource your Company Pension administration and processing to us to save time and costs.
  • Governance - Ensure your Company Pension scheme is healthy and fit for purpose with our Governance Committee services.
  • Risk, Healthcare & Wellbeing - Experts in the design, broking and management of Group Life Assurance, Critical Illness, Group Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance.
  • Consultancy & Design - Experts in the design and broking of Group Risk & Healthcare policies such as Group Life Assurance, Group Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance.
  • Healthcare & Wellbeing - Our integrated Healthcare & Wellbeing services can help you care for your workforce and reduce employee absence at a sensible cost.
  • Benefit Procurement - Our insurance broking team will ensure your business benefits from our global presence and bargaining power.
  • Claims Management - Ensure your claims management is handled professionally and effectively by partnering with Arthur J. Gallagher to drive down costs.
  • Benchmark & Audit - Is your business paying too high a cost for its Employee Benefits? Are your liabilities fully protected? Our audit service will put you in the picture.
  • Benefit Consulting - Providing practical and affordable solutions to implement and manage your employee benefits package.
  • Benefit Benchmarking - How do your employee benefits compare to the competition? Struggling to recruit the best talent? Test your Benefits Package against your peers.
  • Benefit Audit - Is your business insuring its employee benefits liabilities correctly? Is it meeting contractual obligations to employees? We can help you find out.
  • Consultancy & Design - Has your employee benefits package kept up with the changes in your business and its workforce? Partnering with us will ensure it does.
  • Transitional Services - We specialise in helping businesses harmonise and rationalise their employee benefits packages during times of change.
  • Benefit Management - Outsourcing the management of your employee benefits can save you time and money. Ask us how.
  • Online Services - Save time, HR resources and money by taking your employee benefits online with our market-leading Benefits Platform, Access2Benefits.
  • Flexible Benefits - Take your employee benefits to the cloud with Arthur J. Gallagher Employee Benefits, specialists in Flex design, broking and technology.
  • Feasibility Study - An Arthur J. Gallagher Employee Benefits consultant can help you assess the feasibility of installing Flexible Benefits and overcome the hurdles.
  • Consultancy & Design - An Arthur J. Gallagher Employee Benefits can help you assess your business ojectives and desired reward strategy.
  • Project Management - Your Flexible Benefits project will be managed and controlled using entirely in-house expertise, ensuring a successful and timely delivery.
  • Procurement - It pays to know your Flexible Benefits Platform can help reduce HR admin & help your workforce understand their benefits easily. We will show you how.
  • Ongoing Management - Our in-house Flexible Benefits consultants and engineers will help you ensure your Flex Scheme is run efficiently and cost-effectively.

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