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  • Eileen Nephin Bish - Cleanliness is next to godliness!

    Cleanliness is next to godliness - at least that was what my mAother said - she would have appreciated this "sweeper" even if it has no wheels it does the job on my kitchen floor and I can even manuveur it on my stairs - and they are clean! As the owner of 2 cats - one of which is a long haired kitty - believe me - this is a huge endorsement.

  • Edward Vaughn - This has been the standard for many years and it ...

    This has been the standard for many years and it still holds up. However, it is now, sadly, out of print, except in a large, pricy hardbound volume. Still, if you wish to learn Esperanto, and my suggestion is that you would be wise to do so, this is the dictionary to get. Search the internet. It's worth the effort.

  • N. Wilkinson - This is a great bra

    I love this bra! I first found it in JC Penny's but only bought two, and when I went back to buy a couple more I couldn't find any in my size and color so I went online. It sure was good to find them on Amazon. Now I have to admit part of its appeal is that it fits me, and since I'm rather small that is sometimes tough, especially when I don't want to be squished smaller. This bra has a bit of padding to make me look good, but not enough to get scrunched up after being washed. It also doesn't have enough to qualify as one of those "be a size larger!" bras, which I personally find a little embarrasing. The lace provides a feminine look (so its not the bra equivalent of granny panties), but its not sheer and not especially sexy...just a comfortable, everyday bra. I can highly recomment it for anyone small or average size, however if you're large and past the perky stage it my not provide a lot of support - there are no underwires (which I'm always afraid will set off airport security alarms; although they haven't yet).

  • Kent D. - The new edition is much better than the old one

    Ordered the new edition because I had misplaced my old copy, so I was quite familiar with Lonely Planet travel guides. The new edition is much better than the old one. My sole complaint is that the font is a bit small, making it nearly impossible to read without my reading glasses. Otherwise, this is the best travel guide available!