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  • ryan illsley - Better than expected

    I just took it out of the packaging and am flipping through it. Not sure why someone would complain about the size of it, its a handbook, a reference. Print size is fine, not sure why someone would complain about that. I cannot comment on the material yet.

  • Denise - Whether it be Super HD or C4 they're great

    Cellucor has never let me down. Whether it be Super HD or C4 they're great. Super HD worked wonders for me. As long as I took them according to the directions I never had a crash or felt any bad side affects. While taking these pills I noticed an increase in energy both in and out of the gym. My workouts gained more reason to them and the pump I felt was enough where I didn't necessarily need a pre workout with them. Although I have taken both together and I am still alive so no worries there as long as you do so responsibly. I noticed weight loss in less then a month. I took Super HD for 3 months straight and I lost a total of 12 lbs! That was not from the product alone but with their great ingredients and hard work at the gym. All in all a great supplement.

  • JCO25 - Awesome!

    I had been looking for products that has everything i need! and this one has it! moisturize, exfoliates, deodorize and whitens all in one! and it didnt even cost so much! I love how it smells too! and i notice in less than 2 weeks of using this, i slowly see a results! I had tried other whitening products before, but i never saw result as soon as this product! Im definitely buying again!