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  • RVthereyet - Clumbsy, cumbersome and confusing

    I don't like MS Streets & Trip at all. I have a three year old ,and another 8 yr old, version of ALK's CoPilot Laptop that are easier to use and is much more intuitive. The problem with CoPilot is they seem to have blown off the RV community with their newest version and there are no updates for V-8 or V-11. So I thought I'd try a different product. Mistake. A waste of money and time. S&Ts is no match for either of the older versions of CoPilot except that the maps are newer and it's POI list is more complete. There are a few other differences in the features but none that overide the basic ease or difficulty of use. My dream is that Google will come out with a laptop gps program that does not require a live internet connection.

  • Dancer Dad - Not Ready for Prime Time

    Clearly this product was not ready for prime time. Sad to say this since I have been a Quicken fan for the past 20 years. I spent 2 weeks trying to get it to work, but the program would crash when I reconciled downloaded transactions for my main checking account. The online help was courteous and respectful and we tried updating with the most recent releases and patches. I finally had to request that they give me a version of Quicken 2013 instead so that I would not waste anymore time. The Quicken 2013 works great as I have come to expect of Quicken products. Frankly I am shocked that such a dysfunctional product as Quicken 2014 made it to market. Perhaps by 2014 they will have fixed the bugs that crashed my version.