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  • Alicia - Do NOT buy this product!!!

    I'm so upset with what this product did to my cat. My cat is 13 years old and was looking for a cheaper medication that could help her, I read the reviews and was so hopeful that it would help her. It did not do anything, if anything make her worse! By the second week of medication she had began to throw up twice a day followed by pooping but she never made it to the litter box. This medication almost seemed to make her weaker than what she was before. Scared me half to death. So all those reviews on the main website are a bunch of BS!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Do not buy Original Model...Buy Version 2.0. This is a review of version 2.0!

    Some sellers are still offering Version 1.0. There is a major difference in the strap system so make sure you get version 2.0. I have been using this Iwalkfree for five weeks now, so hopefully this review will cover most situations you are likely to encounter. Vetsion 2.0 uses three straps, each strap has a quick disconnect snap slide on each side and each strap has two sets of tensioning buckles. The black buckles are for setting the initial length. The grey buckle is the quick release tensioner. Once the straps are initially set you can put this device no or take off in less than 15 seconds. I can do that even in a pitch dark room in the middle of the night. The straps do stretch with use and need adjustment. I use a piece of duct tape on tne main black buckle to reduce slippage. You csn use this knee crutch in the shower but after a week the foam pad csme loose and had to be put back on. After several attempts with glue and silicone I eventually used contact cement. Later I stopped using it in the shower because my waterproof cast cover came only to my knee and interfered wuth the crutch. Get the full leg shower boot and it will work perfectly with the crutch. So is this thing the ultimate crutch replacement? Yes, but there are a few caveats. First, dont walk in snow. The underside of the foot pad gets caked with snow that immediately turns into an ice ball. I stopped and cleaned my "hoof" with a pen knife the moment I reached dry footing. Walking on graded surfaces like parking lots and sidewalks can be tricky if you dont pay attention. This is where you will most likely stumble due to overconfidence. Always try to keep you crutch leg on the lower side of the grade. Especially be carefull walking up ot across handicap curb cutouts. The angles and pitches change quickly and you have to be able to adjust as the beveled crutch foot can only handle minor pitches. I found it easier to stand up and put the crutch on rather than do it seated then try and rise. So you have to be able to get yourself up to use this. Some people have said they felt unstable. The straps must be tight or you will stumble and the top part of the brace should be set as high as you can get it up your thigh. Even so, the top section likes to slide a little under your clothing and you do have to stop occasionally and adjust and tighten. I go up and down stairs easily, but I do go down backwards and I go slowly. Prudence rules. You should always have a handrail for support. I have done up to four flights at a time without issues. The negatives, and they are rather minor. Get extra padding in the shin area of your cast otherwise you can develope a rubbing sore. Extra padding solved that for me. You can't put this on and go back to life at full speed. I work standing up all day and eventually I bought a knee scooter for longer term comfort, but if I could have only one device, this would be it hands down. You can cut the grass, walk the dog, go to the grocery store, in fact do almost everything, but you will be at 60-70 % that's all. But that is still pretty amazing for a $150 device. I have not touched my crutches since the day my Iwalkfree arrived. Last few things. The crutch is made from abs plastics. I think its a six month life span, so when I am finished I dont think it wise to donate this as I will likely do with the scooter, so dont get cheap and buy a used one.

  • Bailey Minter - Works, Heavy Planchette and Thin Board. Strange Writing on Board.

    It's aight. It took a long time, but we did get a spirit eventually. I'm not going to type out the whole story, but long story short I now have an infinity sign scratched onto it and random words printed such as 'silver', 'believe', and a random number. I'll soon be blessing it with holy water. The planchette even vibrated occasionally when we played it.