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  • lola.fitzgerald - Don't be tricked by mall kiosks

    I absolutely love this product. i discovered it at a mall kiosk while traveling with my boyfriend. the salesman wanted to sell it to us for $200!! that immediately turned me off, that price made me dislike the product even if i did do something miraculous for my skin. anyway, as the sales man was demonstrating on my hand how it worked, my boyfriend was looking on his phone, i didn't know what he was doing at first until the sales man said "he must be looking on ebay or some sh**" When he realized that my boyfriend would find way cheaper prices online, he stopped trying to sell it to me and told us to be on our merry way. So these sales people charge you more than 10 times the price of these products!

  • Myra Binnicker - Happy with Rainbow

    This says to take three a day, but the doc read over it and said they were actually okay with one since they eat well and are healthy. He thought they were a good choice. They are a little bit big, but not really any different than other brands, such as Centrum. My older daughter said they are just a little spicy to her, but my younger daughter does not notice it. I tried one, and I did not detect it either. Some people may pick up on that though. They have both said these don't bother their stomachs like the teen vitamin packs they were taking from GNC do. I like that they are totally food derived as well.