GlobalCastMD is Dedicated to the rapid advancement of care. Everywhere. - GlobalCastMD works to bring healthcare providers together from around the world to learn, discuss, and share ideas on current and cutting-edge concepts in medical practice through interactive, high-level, broadcasts that are streamed through the Internet in high definition. For the first time, physicians in large health centers, rural communities, and developing countries, can all communicate easily with other physicians and key opinion leaders from around the world in real time. GlobalCastMD (GCMD) chooses relevant topics in healthcare and then locates key opinion leaders to host these interactive broadcasts. As new concepts and cutting-edge techniques are developed in healthcare, it typically takes years for this information to eventually be disseminated and incorporated into standard practice. Now, this information can reach doctors around the world in seconds. The key element to GCMD’s format is the emphasis on interaction. The audience does not just sit and listen but participates in the discussion. Furthermore, all of the recorded broadcasts are immediately available online for healthcare providers to review even after the live event. Recently, GCMD has put together interactive shows for patients, which gives them an opportunity to listen and talk to leading physicians from around the world.

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  • Alex Papo - Kindle version is a winner

    Great preseason preview by the guys over at MGoBlog. Totally worth getting the kindle version - even though it has less pics it has more text (win!)

  • aroyc - or discerning fine differences in smell between the genuine product and imitations

    I have used Versace Blue Jeans years back. In a bout of nostalgia, bought this again from Amazon now. The package says "Versace" and indicates it is made in Italy. Unfortunately, the smell appears to be a bit "off," and not exactly the smell that I remembered. I do not want to debate whether it is real or fake, since I am not an expert in either identifying fake labels, or discerning fine differences in smell between the genuine product and imitations.

  • N. Stamp - This is now a part of my beauty regimen.

    I bought this product as a part of a detox. However, I never used it. Then, I started to get a large amount of inexplicable amounts of acne (or rash) and it wasn't go away. In fact, it was coming on faster. I'm a 51-year old black woman, and my skin is pretty decent for my age. So, I tried the mask. OMG! The bumps were gone the next morning. The acne came back a week later, I used the mask again. The acne went away again! Also, my skin looks healthier (younger). My pores are not as large either. I am loving the way my skin looks these days. This is a keeper.