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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -73.7304 New York, United States

  • RandomJelly - Predictable, yet fleshed out in character development

    Fleshed out, ha, no pun intended. As the headline reads, it's predictable but the main character is well developed. Really, another pun? Guess that's what stuck with me. It reads a bit like an old school romance novel, hot and crazy. I finished it in a couple of hours and enjoyed it well enough as a free rental. Had I paid for it, I wouldn't have been pleased.

  • joseph maese - Average at this point

    I purchased my first bag last year and had weak coverage, resulting in seeding with a different product. I purchased another bag this year. It's been two months (roughly) and I have had the same results. I make my own lawn soil out of manure, compost(coffee GRINDS from my coffee vendor, and mulch from my yard), and I have my soil tested by a nearby university. Usually, other grass brands begin growing within two weeks, and is thick by now. I fed the lawn with turf builder last week and am awaiting results. At this point, I am disappointed. I rated the product average because I am picky with my yard, and this product has so far proven to be comparable to cheaper products.

  • TracyAnn - Best cleanser EVER!

    Radha Beauty Products seem to be taking over my home. In a good way! I have recently become obsessed with the Radha essential oils and I also purchased their oil diffuser. I noticed that they also have a lot of really nice beauty products. I have been looking for a good face wash for quite sometime now and haven't been able to find one. When I saw this and saw that it was a Radha product I decided to give it a try. So far I absolutely love the products that I have purchased from them and their customer service has been outstanding. I am so glad that I found this cleanser! The first time I used it no joke; my face felt incredibly smooth. I have pretty oily skin and this cleanser works great for that without drying my skin out so much that it's literally flaking off. I've only used it a few times so far and I really can't wait to see the results over time. I was looking forward to trying this out and had pretty high expectations because of the Radha products that I already own but this exceeded my expectations by a lot.

  • Amazon Customer - Natural product with outstanding results!

    I started tanning 2 months before a tropical vacation and I didn't want to use those junky chemical accelerator products so I purchased this. I am very fair skinned and want expecting to have the beautiful deep dark, even and natural looking tan that I did! The product works very quickly and now having stopped tanning for 5 weeks, my tan is just now starting to really fade. I love this product!!!!!!

  • Yolette - Love it, at the beginning my hair does not ...

    Love it, at the beginning my hair does not feels soft, but then after the conditioner wow!!! Soo perfect. Not true if it helps to grow but smells delicious.

  • Win2000 - Doesn't Work With My Two Speed AC

    I ordered this from Amazon with the anticipation of easily hooking it up...unfortunately, it doesn't work with my dual speed air conditioner. Spoke to the company and they said maybe in the near future they would make some changes so it will work. I would think that a company that puts themselves out there as very up to date on the technology would have a thermostat that would work on all kinds of AC handlers. Another company, Ecobee, has a smart WI-FI thermostat that can be connected to a two stage handler such as mine---if they can make one work that way I don't understand why NEST can't. Anyway, as far as coolness, the NEST is much cooler looking. For not being up to date on this technology, I give the product only 2 stars.

  • Nancy K Wondolleck - Great Show!

    Loved the Show and music included with Ringo and his All Starr Band. Would recommend it for all Ringo and Beatle fans.