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  • Sistergirl/Juanita - Terrific price and I didn't have to leave the comfort ...

    Purchased this product on the day before Thanksgiving 2015 as a Christmas present for my daughter. She loves the Wii U. The game came in less than 2 days. Terrific price and I didn't have to leave the comfort of my home. I love shopping on Amazon.

  • Ms PJ - PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2012 - 1 User / 3 PC

    Bought this for my daughter for her computer because it was sluggish, I had never tried it and she said it cleaned it and it had it running alot better than before. I plan on getting this for my computer.

  • customer - Nope.

    Only 3 stars because like other reviewers noted, the workbook only gives answers in the back to ODD NUMBERED questions!!! What is up with that? I guess if I answer all the even numbered questions correct I can count on at least being 50% right....

  • Nooorm - Callaway Org14 cart bag

    Really enjoying this bag. Most of my golfing is done riding and this bag is perfect for that. Easy to load and unload from the trunk of my TL due to the rubberized handle. The bag is large, but feels light even fully loaded. The pouches are arranged so that all are easily accessible when loaded on the cart. I love the individual divider for each club (there are actually 15, which is odd). I have slightly oversized (medium) grips and have no problem getting my clubs into and out of the dividers.

  • Richie C - Air hockey anyone?...

    This is a beautiful case provides good protection if you drop your phone. Looks great especially the blue color. The power and volume buttons are easy to use. My only two problems with this case is when you put it down on it's back there is no grip whatsoever. You can lightly tap it with your finger and it will glide across any smooth surface like and air hockey puck and while talking on the phone provides grip on the top of the sides but lower where you would be holding it to text or we browse etc with one hand it is very slippery. I've had it less then a week and about a dozen times the iPhone went toppling back or I had to do the frantic two handed safety catch! This concerns me a bit.

  • Shanna Kauffman - Keep in mind the cover is not removable

    This seat has amazing safety features and is pretty simple to install. I learned the hard way however that even though the fabric wipes clean easily and looks like new it will still absorb a vomitting smell and it is not removable to be washed. Thankfully after a day in the sun the smell seems to have cleared up, but I know not everyone has an extra seat nor do they live in Az where humidity is low and sunshine is plentiful.

  • DanKristen - Not bad for what it is.

    I hate "fat burners". But this stuff does something interesting. You notice the energy, you notice the lack of appetite, you notice the sweat and heat you generate as well.