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  • J. Howell - An extremely strong and effective solvent

    I have used this solvent a number of times to remove adhesive and badging from my cars. For that it works wonderfully. When used modestly it does not effect automotive surfaces or glass. Since this stuff is so potent, I would recommend using the the spray straw in the nozzle so that you can more carefully target where you spray this stuff. You want to be very careful where you put it. It also evaporates rapidly so you need to work quickly when you use it.

  • Amyrel - My daily use of the product

    I am one who have proven the wonders of using these products. Your skin looks healthy and youthful, the compliments are on going, beautiful is the result.

  • Erind61103 - Nice, solid work!

    Fit my 2015 GMC Terrain very well. Only trouble I had was figuring out how to remove the cover and get them on the rails themselves. Car manual was no help, the included instructions were generic, understandably due to many models this fits. Finally got it though, god bless youtube!! I do not notice any new noise while driving at higher speeds like some uses have mentioned once these were on. They will get the true test this weekend when we travel, and I have a luggage bag strapped to them.