Color Changing Thermometer Strips & Temperature Indicators - International leader in temperature sensitive thermal labels, indicators, thermometer strips, and graphics that change color w/environmental fluctuations.

  • Temperature Strips | Industrial Thermometers And Labels - Industrial temperature strips/labels include: Thermax, Thermostrip, and Digitemp versions. Easy read circuit breaker monitors, dishwasher labels, & more.
  • Thermax Irreversible Temperature Indicators - Irreversible Temp Sensitive Products self-adhesive labels give accurate, immediate response. Oil, water, and steam resistant. Inexpensive, easy to use.
  • Temperature Tape for Drying and Curing Processes - Thermostrip DC is a highly accurate heat indicator designed to assist with the drying, curing, laminating or bonding process.
  • Thermostrip Circuit Breaker & Electrical Component Monitor - Permanent change temperature labels for continuous monitoring w/out batteries. Good for preventive maintenance, fire protection programs, home monitoring.
  • Thermostrip Dishwasher Label and Disinfection Indicator - Surface Temperature Disinfection Indicator (Thermostrip® DL): self-stick, waterproof color-changing label measures surface temp of dishware in dish washers.
  • Digitemp Single Color | Digital Temperature Indicator - Liquid Crystal Thermometry: Digitemp SC Digital Thermometers indicate the current temperature with one color.
  • Temperature Indicators | Digitemp | Liquid Crystal Monitoring - Digitemp Thermometers feature instant response & continuous readout. No batteries, glass, or toxins. Accurate, self-adhesive, and cost effective.
  • Digitemp Thermochromic Sheets and Films - Digitemp Thermochromic Sheets/Films are easy-to-read, reusable, and non-toxic. Function with no batteries or glass. Self-adhesive or no adhesive backing.
  • Dishwasher Temperature Labels | Disinfection Indicator Stickers - Using Thermostrip® DL on a dish surface with each wash cycle will indicate that the proper sanitation temperature has been reached.
  • Dishwasher Temperature Strip | Thermostrip®DS - This single use irreversible color changing indicator strip tests the temperature of the water in your dishwasher.
  • Chillchecker Low Temperature Monitor - Protect and insure that low temperature is maintained. Quality assurance for products sensitive to high temperatures. Easy to use, easy to read.
  • Tempasure High Temperature Monitor - Tempasure offers proof that high temperature was maintained, quality assurance for products sensitive to low temperatures.
  • Safetemp Temperature Indicators - Hot and cold/frozen retail display temperature monitoring system. Designed to complement centralized electronic temperature management systems
  • Clinitrend Temperature Monitoring System - Clinitrend is a fast, simple temperature monitoring system based on proprietary color change technology. Non-invasive, easy to read, cost effective.
  • Forehead Thermometer | Feverscan Digital liquid crystal - Feverscan forehead thermometers offer continuous digital temperature event monitoring for the perioperative environment. For in home and hospital use.
  • Britevent Urine Specimen Thermometer - The BRITEVENT® Urine Specimen Temperature Verification Thermometer features an Easy to Read Digital Event Strip with Adhesive Backing.
  • Briteline Urine Specimen Thermometer - The Briteline Urine Specimen Thermometer from LCR Hallcrest features Easy to Read Moving Line Strip with Adhesive Backing. Conforms to SAMSHA Guidelines.
  • Thermochromic Pigments, Inks, and Coatings - Interactive color-change graphics with our cold-activated or touch-activated Thermochromic ink for industry and advertising.
  • Photochromics From Clear To Color | Depends On Outside (UV) - Photochromic inks turn from colorless to intensely colored after only 15 seconds of UV exposure & back to clear after 5 minutes indoors.
  • Thermochromic and Photochromic Test Kits - Create thermal/UV activated color change effects with water-based screen ink test kits. Can be brushed or stamped on a substrate. Cleans up with water.
  • Thermochromic Permanent Change Ink - Permanent Thermochromic Change pigments and coatings are high-temperature activated.
  • Instascan Coating System | Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) - A two-part coating system that will change color with changes in surface temperature originally developed for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Tools for Learning and Non Destructive Analysis - TLCs are available in a number of different forms and a wide range of products is available, including Flow Visualization and Heat Transfer.
  • Thermochromic Substrates | Ready-to-Use Vinyl - Ready-to-Use Vinyl Material Coated with Liquid Crystal can be cut to size and used to create a touch sensitive, color changing graphic.
  • Custom Thermometers and Temperature Strips - We can customize your thermometers and temperature strips! Any shape or size, no idea is off limits... really!
  • Technology & Capability | Smart Technology - LCR Hallcrest Smart Technology includes temperature-indicating coatings, pigments, ink, paint, and labels.
  • Research and Development | In-House R & D - LCR Hallcrest has in-house Research and Development laboratories in the United States and United Kingdom.
  • Manufacturing Capability | Labels and Graphics - Advanced label and graphic manufacturing capability is designed to meet your needs and support all levels of manufacturing volumes.
  • Liquid Crystal Formulations (LCs) - Thermochromic Liquid Crystals (LC s): organic chemicals that can be highly temperature sensitive and change to many colors. Reversible, reusable.

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