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  • https://www.hdphealth.com/2016/06/02/better-way-stop-mrsa-entering-hospitals/ Is There a Better Way to Stop MRSA From Entering Hospitals? | HDP Health - Screening of all incoming Emergency Room patients for MRSA is affordable and associated with a reduction in prevalence of MRSA colonization and transmission.
  • https://www.hdphealth.com/2016/05/14/uc-random-biopsies/ Random Biopsies Taken During Colonoscopies Are Possibly Ineffective | HDP Health - Random Biopsies do not often detect abnormal cells, while targeted biopsies prove to be much more effective.
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  • https://www.hdphealth.com/2016/03/04/why-huge-gains-in-drug-discovery-technology-have-led-to-longer-drug-development-times/#comment-60 Why Huge Gains in Drug Discovery Technology Have Led to Longer Drug Development Times | HDP Health - Two pharma and research experts talk about their surprising explanation of the troubling contrast between huge gains in the brute-force power of drug discovery technologies and huge declines in innovative output efficiency.

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  • Virginia Copeland - Worked as promised

    We were hoping that it would hold two pieces of fabric together like stitches but it doesn't. It is water proof and a good sealer. Our fabric stretched too much and it couldn't take the weight of our project but we used it to waterproof and reinforce it. It is good for something stiffer and not so elastic.

  • Iza TheDirtyBookGirl - Liked it

    I liked this one. Fast-paced, action-packed and certain scenes were hot. It's kind of insta-lust because it's PNR with shifters that find their mates.

  • Kiri Jackson - Fabulous products!

    I've been using the Atomy cleansing system and moisturising system for five months and I love it. My skin tends to go hyper sensitive 3-4 times a year depending on weather and other environmental conditions and I'm happy to report: no break outs! My skin looks and feels great and I'm very happy with these products. Previously I was using Jurlique, LamPrairie and Arbonne which are all great products too however the value for money with Atomy is unparalleled. Unfortunately the BB cream is totally the wrong shade for me so I forgo that and pass on to a lucky friend!

  • harvey - Read the fine print first!!!

    Be sure to read the fine print!!! The reason it's so expensive is because there is no remote control, it just comes with a small Taiwanese man who changes the channel and services the tv for you. He conveniently fits behind the tv when not in use, though his feet do stick out a little. But mine is getting rather old now and is still not potty trained, I have complained to Samsung about this and they just told me that he is is not part of the warranty. So 5 stars for the tv, but I'm taking 2 stars off for the little man.

  • Amazon Customer - I can not yet tell you if they work in good faith, yet I will tell you that I ...

    I have ordered both this product as well as the fat burner, I can not yet tell you if they work in good faith, yet I will tell you that I am 8 weeks out of an eating disorder facility, I have and know a distributor that I help to get some money in her pocket as she is young and needs money for college. I try to tell people that they need a strong moral or ethical character to distribute these type of things or have the background to help guide those who may be heading into the direction that I did. Knowing how unhealthy it may be to try these, and reading review after review, my urge to try is high and can not control the compulsive thoughts of at least testing the waters. If any distributors are reading this please understand that you may be contributing to, or feeding an eating disorder /addiction. I shall write more if this product fails me, or maintains me. God bless everyone on there journey towards a lifestyle change