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  • Vikki - It really works

    It does just what it says it will do. Aside from a white film being left after it drys this is a good product. If it dryed clear it would be perfect.

  • Eduardo Hernandez - YOU NEED TO TRY IT!!

    I am a male and have had acne problems since the age of 12. I wanted something natural that didn't have so many chemicals that would irritate my sensitive skin. Honestly, things today are made with so many chemicals that it's shocking.

  • Bart - Good price, simple installation.

    Received the cross bars for a Subaru Forester 2015 very promptly. Came with torx screw driver the only tool you need. Installed in minutes. They seem sturdy but I have not loaded them yet. As installed the bars are about 30 inches apart center to center. The length adjusts slightly so there may be some adjustment to the separation distance. Price was very reasonable.

  • chicken260 - not that user friendly

    I did my tax return yesterday. It took me a good portion of the day. I had a ton of head-scratching moments, where I had to resort to Google to tell me what terms meant and give explanations. I don't remember having such a rough time of it, last year when I used TurboTax. Maybe I got dumber over the course of the year. I just didn't find H&R Block's software as intuitive and user-friendly as TurboTax's.