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  • Mitchell R - Truly, the future is here.

    "Like no other car you have ever driven before." How many time have you heard that when talking about some new car? Then, once you actually drive it, it's actually like every other car you have ever driven. Well, the Model S actually lives up to the saying. The power deliver, the sound, the feel, the whole experience is like no other "conventional" car. This is truly the future that people talked about for years and years.

  • bnsprof - Worthwhile upgrade from 800

    Have used it now for 8 or 10 rides. Despite being smaller, the higher resolution screen is even better. No trouble pairing old heart rate monitor, speed monitor, and power meter. Very much enjoying the blue tooth connection that allows me to see texts and call identities without having to look at phone. The interaction with the new Connect app on iPhone is also nice. Also automatic uploading to Garmin Connect and Strava removes one step from my postride activities. I have had one false-alarm incident detection event. Unfortunately I didn't catch it in time to disable and it scared my wife, but good to know that it works. I'm guessing that hitting a bump in the road while riding exceptionally slow set it off, since I've hit much worse bumps going fast that didn't do so. Some people have complained about the oversensitivity of the touch screen. That does occasionally cause minor missteps when working with settings. However, it is actually nice when riding and trying to move from one screen to the next (particularly since my old 800 had the opposite problem). I have a lot of Strava segments on the routes that I ride and thought it would be nice to have real-time feedback but found it mostly annoying to activate a bunch of segments and now only activate 1 or 2 segments per ride that I want to

  • Curls - Poo Pourri is #2 (heh heh)

    What is there to say about this product. It works. It is a lovely alternative, using nothing. My daughter spends time in an out of the hospital and I stay in the same room with her. The space is small and since it is a teaching hospital, there are medical personnel in and out of the room at all times of the day and night. Let me just put it out there, I am not a fan of "public pooping", but when you got to go, you got to go. This stuff pretty much saves the day, the room and the embarrassment. Speaking of embarrassment, maybe they should sell it in a holster and I could strap it to my teenage son so that he can have it with him always. His future college roommate would surely thank me.

  • Teddy Petillo - NOT FOR WINDOWS 7 or WINDOWS 8!

    I got this thinking I could make it work with Windows 8.1. I was wrong. the software does not like Windows 8. Even in compatibility mode I can not make it work. This is by no means the fault of this seller. The post clearly says it is for Windows 2000, XP. So if you are buying for a Windows 7, Windows 8 machine, look elsewhere it will not work. I installed it on my machine with XP and it worked but still had some problems. Video input #2 doesn't work on the one I ordered. #1, #3, and #4 work fine though. Is it worth buying? For $6.81 it's still a bargain and worth buying.

  • Amazon Customer - SCAM! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

    After reading about 20 pages into this book I could tell it was a joke. On the grammar section there were clearly so many GRAMMATICAL mistakes that I was not confident in this book. I started to look at the reviews here and noticed that all of the good reviews were actually paid to be put on here (if you look at the end of each review). I began looking for a publisher so I could look at publisher reviews and THERE WASN'T ONE! This was not my only study book I used the one that my school recommended (the one with the most high ratings on here) and you can tell a major difference. Don't waste your money.

  • Heather Coin - worth every penny

    Best cup I've ever purchased. I bought two, because I have a bad habit of forgetting them at work, in the car, etc. Keeps my coffee hot for hours in the mornings, and keeps my tea cold from the time I leave in the morning until well into the evening. I usually run out of drink before the coffee gets cold or the tea gets hot.