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  • Kelley Merriman - Smells Weird

    I've been using this product for years, but this is the first time I purchased online. It has a weird sulfur-like smell that is not at all what is should smell like. I'm wondering if it's gone bad or if they put something else in it. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to sulfur so I'm afraid to use it. I won't be purchasing beauty products online anymore.

  • M. Jacobs - Amazing!!!!!

    This is an update on my review; It's now Tuesday from Saturday i've noticed remarkable improvement in my pain due to fibroids, not only that but I haven't had a headache to speak of and I usually cannot get through two days without headache. I am pretty healthy all my labs have been great! This is just the best I've felt in weeks!!! will keep you posted:)

  • Sarah B - great from afar

    The picture looks better online. The package got here very quickly, which was fantastic,thank you. But the ears were cheaply made, where you still had the hot glue strings on poorly constructed Styrofoam ears still showed. The body of the costume was ok, thin enough to be breathable but the sizing was off. Lastly the collar badge was horrible but I guess it served its purpose and looked great in pictures

  • Owen Roeder - 'Advanced'? you might want to check on that . . .

    Really? This is a poor example of a rescue simulator. I've seen BEGINNER programmers code better sims than this. The ambulance fails to respond to my commands, and when I tried all of the steering options (buttons, steering wheel, tilt) the game glitches and the ambulance keeps turning even after I release the turn. However, this is a great start for a potentially great game.

  • Tricia Story - Great hair product

    This is an amazing hair product. I have very dry curly and mostly frizzy hair but when using this product my hair gets moisturized and the frizz disappears

  • Sarah - LOVE IT! and so does the kid

    LOVE IT! and so does the kid. Easy to set up and feels very cozy and very sturdy. It's too heavy for travel, but you could buy the Clek Weelie to drag it around in.

  • gparker - 2012 step by step workbook

    The book had writing in it--answers to questions were circled---large flowery handwriting in book---very disappointing--too late to send back as the test is very near--will have to really consider if I should use that vendor again