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  • Jennie K. - Decent, but read more like the plot to a video game

    Overall the characters are likable but don't develop much between start and finish. The world is built like a video game (complete with healing elixirs and mana (called Spirit but it works the same)). It starts with a cataclysmic event which sends the hero off to become the last of her kind (sort of) and ends with a boss battle. It is a video game I would enjoy, but lacks as a novel.

  • Alfonso Sanchez - I still have this book and refer back to it ...

    I still have this book and refer back to it when I need to find something. I used it in school and now at work.

  • Nealon Bradley - Change, sometimes you have to accept it.

    Snyder and Capullo have never let me down before. They are doing something different for once instead of beating a dead horse with another dead horse. The art is fantastic and the story is a great start to what is a promising arc.

  • phaidout66 - Awesome effects! They did great and it kept moving

    Well the world is still here after 2012, but this movie has some interesting almost believable ideas. Its all based on the Mayan calendar and the world just explodes with destruction on a catastrophic scale. The GCI effects are endless and very detailed. Those visual effects people really did their homework on how the viewer needs to see a realistic approach to such massive destruction. From a massive tsunami rolling a aircraft carrier into land to splitting the ground open and collapsing an entire coast into the sea! Wow! Awesome effects! They did great and it kept moving. I did not get bored at all.