Anonymous - Anonymous - Bavolex is a natural IBS remedy that treats irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) quickly and effectively. It's scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • Kevin - Cordless Convenience, A Smooth Shave, and its Dutch too? Love this shaver!

    I had never been a fan of electric razors but was recently provided this one for free from Phillips- Norelco and I decided to set aside my past experiences and to evaluate it fairly and impartially. Im glad I did! Suffice it to say - electric shavers have come a long way!

  • reddog - unhappy

    I thought i would try a cheaper brand & that's exactly what i got,after buying and downloading this product my computer slowed to a crawl plus their popups are all the place,couldn't reach anyone for help when i finally did after about a week,all they said was i should buy a more expensive upgrade,are you kidding me,they actually think i would do that. in my opinion this product is total crap.i am going back too the product i had before that works & return this one. VERY UNHAPPY!! p/s it's not amazons has always been great.

  • shakti Mahan - makes u look gaunt

    Made my face thin and ruined its plumpness in two days. Had to toss it took two weeks for my face to gain it's nice plumpness. Last thing u want is lose face volume

  • Don Barnes, Fortune 500 VP - Great overview with helping detail

    This is the 4th edition of "Parachute" that I have purchased over the years. It always helps me in some way, whether I'm looking for a job or not. It continues to contain great guidance and helpful tips on job searches and career development.

  • Amazon Customer - LATRIVIA brings it and so does GABRIEL!!!!

    This story was FIRE! There was excitement, surprise, intrigue, gun-play, laughter and romance! Latrivia Welch is an author who delivers! D'mitry is just YES! I knew he was ruthless....but DAMN! Don't mess with the Medlovs!! If ya don't know, read the book!! The plot twists had me on the EDGE!! It was so refreshing compared to authors out there who CLEARLY write books as if they are starting a McDonalds franchise. There was NO whining/uber-dramatic "I can do bad all by myself" heroines and NO heroes who are jacked-up on some unrealistic, formulaic, author induced "I'm an alpha male feeling myself way too much" bull. I LOVED every minute of this book. Get this author a Patreon page, if not because of my reasons listed above, then because she can weave a Young and the Restless soap opera like nobody's business and STILL make me believed it happen somewhere in Tennessee, Prague and the Ukraine(if you read the book you'll get it).

  • Lori Widel - Meccano Disappoints

    We were super excited to try out this product. The packaging was well organized. All the required parts were included along with a few extra pieces. Some parts were extremely small and difficult to handle. My first surprise was the amount of assembly this toy required. It was great for my son who is 13, but I'm not sure an 8 year old would be as successful. Once put together, the robot was easy to use. He could move forward, dance and talk. It moved to music somewhat, or would play his own music and move to that. However, the entertainment factor in this product is extremely short lived. It honestly took longer to put it together than the worth of the end product. After it demonstrated it's few moves, there was really nothing else to explore. I wanted to like it but can't say I recommend this product. My review was part of a promotion for this brand.

  • NameTaken33 - Bought this for a 2006 Ninja 250

    Bought this for my motorcycle that was sitting all winter. After pouring some in and letting it run for a few minutes it sounded so much better. The bike idles a lot more smoothly. I wish I could of recorded what it sounded like and what it sounds like now. You will definitely hear a difference when using this stuff.