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  • T. Brunton - An old favorite at a fabulous price!

    I have curly hair and this product has been a staple for me for a number of years. I have tried some of the more recent products that have come out, but continue to return to this old standard. Not only does it smell really terrific, it also reduces the number of other hair products that I need to use on a daily basis. On days that I want to not have to mess with my hair much and choose to allow it to air dry, I can use this product on its own and have tamed curls without any crunch. I also get many compliments on how lovely my hair smalls! Unfortunately, the local stores are no longer carrying this item so I was happy to find it online. I was then totally shocked to find that the price was WAY better that what I had been paying at the drugstore, and then when the bottle arrived it was much larger than what I pictured! YAY!

  • Mckiney - Estrolibrium and a better diet have worked miracles

    When I first started my menopause journey if you will, my doctor stressed how important a healthy diet was to lessen the severity of my symptoms. But, what my doctor did not mention was that a good diet and exercise were not enough on their own. When I added Estrolibrium to my regimen, in combination with my diet, I saw an almost immediate change. I would definitely suggest this to anyone going through menopause and need something extra to really help them boost their estrogen to fight off annoying symptoms. 

  • Gregory Bloom - Pain to assemble - It'd be great if it worked or if Sole would fix it

    Assembly was a pain. Sole chose to go with a manual that adhered to the sort of style they had back in WWII, with one explosion diagram having all the parts numbered, and a separate diagram showing each screw and washer with their associated part number. Then the assembly text consists of stuff like:

  • Stephen N. Shields - It's a SCAM.

    It's widely advertised as $19.95 but - we discovered - in the fine print they charge you over $300. Getting the return authorization took about 15 minutes, 2 representatives, and a hold. Don't purchase!!!

  • Chef - My Grand-baby Loves it!

    This is great for entertaining my granddaughter when she comes to visit she loves it and we recommend it to any grandparents.

  • Rob_B - Total Junk!

    Cheap plastic, slides all over your vehicle, flimsy, weak plastic. The $20 general cargo mat I bought at Sam's Club is 1000 times better than this garbage. Comes rolled up and because it's cheap plastic, not soft rubber, it holds its rolled up shape. Do not buy this!!! You'll Thanl me later.