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    I purchased this vacuum a little over two years ago. When I opened the box, there was a certificate inside announcing that my unit had a 10 year warranty instead of a 5 year. I thought, "Wow, these people are very confident about this product." However, I found that this product is cheaply built. Here is a list of all the parts I have replaced: the rotary upholstery cleaning head (Turbo Brush), the wand that is part of the vacuum handle, the motorized floor brush, the hose connected to the motorized floor brush, and now, the main motor on the vacuum will not turn on. I called Euro-Pro about the motor not turning on. They told me that I could send the unit in and wait for a month or longer to get it repaired (I would have to pay for shipping both ways), or for $69 I could get a replacement unit (I think that is $45 + shipping). Some warranty huh? The lesson here is, you get what you pay for. The suction is incredible at the hose, but it does not distribute well across the floor brush if you are not turning the brush on. However, for a vacuum that boasts a five to ten year warranty, it is a waste of plastic. The hoses are cheap and in particular, the short vacuum hose connected to the motorized floor brush eventually cracks apart resulting in heavy loss of suction.

  • Ryan Bucshon - Matchmaking takes forever to get a game. You play ...

    Matchmaking takes forever to get a game. You play the same people over and over. I don't think anyone plays this on PC.

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    This isn't the NBA finals it's a documentary of each of the games. I wanted all of the NBA finals games on DVD.

  • James Johnson - Home or Business Backup Solution

    I first purchased Acronis True Image in the 2015 version and just recently purchased the 2016 update. I can honestly say it's the first backup product I've come across that truly does backup everything. Several Items I looked at as "backup" products in fact only addressed certain files such as documents, pictures, etc. Acronis backs up everything...and allows you to choose "how" the back ups are done. Whether you want to backup your entire computer, specific files, etc., Acronis provides the ability to do it. Then, too, you can choose from a complete single backup, an incremental backup, or a differential backup, the choice is your to decide. Very happy with the flexibility Acronis TI has to offer.

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    Dwayne Johnson delivers a solid performance as a man who is also a myth, created by legend. In this telling of the demi-god's tale, Hercules is the leader of a band of skilled mercenaries. This mercenary team includes a story-teller who shamelessly markets the groups exploits as proof of Hercules' connection with the gods. Though filled with well crafted action sequences, the heart of this film is a thoughtful exploration of how the Hercules legend developed and grew. Is he the son of Zeus, or simply a very powerful and wise warrior?

  • chrissy - finally, a fun work out!

    this game is awesome for people who want a more fun work out, whether they are beginners or experienced fitness experts! I have always found it hard to stay motivated when i work out, but this game keeps me motivated and makes me excited to work out! I absolutely LOVE that you get to punch away the calories at the end of an activity, it counts the calories you burn and tracks them overtime as well. How's that for motivation? I read someone else's review saying that it is hard because it provides no instructions on how to dance or whatever, but for me it has been really easy to pick up the steps, and i have no coordination AT ALL (i also have scoliosis and asthma, but still manage to complete the activities easily as long as a I pace myself). They repeat the steps several times so you can get the hang of it. and even if you feel like a fool doing the bollywood dances, you will still get a workout!!!