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  • Mike - Smartdraw - ease of use

    I was initially seeking a program that I could use just for drawing floorplans for kitchens, with the ability (if possible) to draw and label carcase designs. During the process, I was given an old (ancient?) computer and I found, amongst its programs, SmartDraw trial version. After browsing thru the program for a couple of days, I was blown away! It was exactly what I was looking for, plus more! I purchased it (at a very good price compared with the likes of AutoCad Lt.etc) and haven't looked back. Really user friendly, well laid out, packed with features and really intuitive, with excellent back-up and video training thrown in! I am so impressed that I have recommended it to my son and two of my friends, who are also cabinet makers. And that, to me, is the greatest accolade that can be given to the likes of SmartDraw - after 30 years of running my own company, and thousands of dollars on programs that are just "not quite right", to find something so good, and so cost effective, is all in the "plus" region.

  • Professional Mom - for the muddy driver

    my son's truck came with those lovely carpet floor mats and he struggled unsuccessfully to keep them clean. These are what he needed all along.

  • Daniel Cleverly - Great homoepathic herbal remedy to control blood sugar if you ...

    Great homoepathic herbal remedy to control blood sugar if you are a diabtetic. I use this all the time and highly reccomend it.

  • Mary B D - Use at your own risk!

    We were very happy with Peachtree (now Sage) accounting software which we used for 20+ years. We had some questions and after waiting for hours on hold, we were told we should update, so in August of 2014 we bought the updated latest version. Right from the start, we had many problems. We are a small business with gross sales of under $1,000,000. Suddenly, System Cost Adjustments began appearing in our financial statements, for 1st for $293,000, then for $4,239,987. Sage was unable to provide any assistance at all, telling us that these entries were made automatically and telling us we had to buy an annual Sage Support package, the cheapest of which was $649.00. I believe there was a virus in the software. Sage provided no solution to our dilemma. Even our accountant was perplexed by the crazy figures and spent many hours fixing the problem. We decided to move to another accounting program. After using Peachtree/Sage for so many years, the transition was painful. However, the problems caused by Sage were enormous and beyond our ability to fix, and apparently beyond Sage's capabilities to fix either.

  • LaurenLove - Not as good as JD 2014 IMO

    Got this for xmas gift for someone who lives with me. Don't really like how there are so many pop-ups (unlockables) that take forever to get off the screen. The cursor loves to go to the corners of the screen, and not to the songs. Songs are awesome, but some of the dances are more mature if you have kids who want to play. Some of the songs have dances that are really difficult, like I Love It by Charlie XCX. In JD 2014, you had the option for a work out that tracked time and calories, but the person who I got this gift for can't seem to find that feature. I looked too, and I can't find it either, so I don't know if it's in some nook in the game, or if they got rid of it entirely. Hope this helps!

  • Craig A. Brubaker - I was connected with a man of very broken English who I was dumb enough to let remotely control my PC

    What a joke. I received an activation code not a CD. After searching the net to find out how to activate the code, I was funneled to multiple choice phone numbers. EENIE, MEENIE, MINEE, MO!! I was connected with a man of very broken English who I was dumb enough to let remotely control my PC. He told me there was nothing he could do unless I was willing to let them charge me 300.00 bucks to remove 10969 threats first. My computer has been running fine. Just wanted a better protection than windows essentials. I instructed the guy to put my computer back the way it was and disconnect. WHO DO YOU TRUST??? I am not happy and give this -0 stars.....It took me a scan and 2 recovery's to get my PC back. I believe it was an attempt to scare me out of 300.00. Pissed off.

  • D. Miller - Changed My Life

    After buying and reading this book, I finally decided to take the leap and join one of Dr. Hyman's official 10-Day Detoxes. It has changed my life. In four months I have lost over 30 pounds, lowered my blood pressure into the normal range, and improved my health in many other ways. I feel like I'm 30 years younger. It's not just a diet... it's a lifestyle change for the better!