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  • High Concentration Probiotic May Reduce Gastrointestinal and Neurological Inflammation in HIV Patients - Study finds modification of gut microbiome with high concentration probiotic may reduce neurological inflammation in HIV-positive patients on ART.
  • Please, Know Who You’re Dating - Although I knew that something traumatic had happened involving his ex, I was not aware that he had taken a bat to his brand new vehicle...
  • Yoko: “I Am Gay, I Live With HIV And I’m An Activist In Heels” - “ Nobody understood exactly what we were : drags looked at us bewildered... Gay people asked if we were women... On the stage we are absolute and

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  • Jessica Martin - Offset the Paxil weight gain

    I am currently taking an anti-anxiety med, Paxil. It is notorious for causing weight gain. With the Relacore, it balanced out the Paxil and helped me lose the excess weight I had gained WITHOUT the jitters or restlessness! It does curb your appetite. I was an emotional eater and it helped stop this! I lost the weight within 2 months (about 8lbs). :) I felt much calmer and relaxed and wasn't constantly wanting to snack. I highly recommend this product! :)

  • max1971 - Fifa 15 vs. PES 2015?. The first one makes feel using Windows while latest my MacBook!.

    This is my review I made on the FIFA 15 game here at Amazon but is related to how good PES 2015 is: "I've played FIFA from the first PS1 to the latest PS4 and Im very disappointed. I purchased it and I really liked it but my love died as soon as I also purchased and started playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. I had not play PES since the PS2 but man, they made an amazing game this year. I did not expected as I started playing in the PS4. I purchased both games, Fifa 15 and PES 2015 with my earned money and I feel guilty sometimes when I'm not playing FIFA for the purchased made, but everytime I played FIFA I got the same feeling when I have to use Windows at work instead of my own MAC. Same feeling. If you love soccer, want to play a "real match", PES 2015 is THE game to go. It flows, it's very realistic. Trust me. Played both games and you will feel the difference right on the first match. FIFA 15 is very arcade type, unrealistic, and players look the same and some of them act like super heroes. ON PES 2015 you feel the speed and the realism of a true soccer game. I'm from Argentina, I love soccer, and I love teams such as Barcelona, with their "tiki taka" style of gaming, much as south american teams. PES 2015 this year, for the very first time in almost a decade, it took the crown as best soccer game "in the field". I'm not a PES fan, not at all, I purchased religiously the last 6 FIFAS. In PES 2015, even when you lose a game, is more satisfying in defeat than FIFA 15 is in victory. It's THAT good!.

  • Jennifer - Well Worth the money!!

    Leave a message when you call for support and they WILL call you back! They have the ability to remote access your box to trouble shoot it for you and resolve your issues. This is a GREAT feature! I will be buying another one for our other room. Excellet Customer Service and willing to assist you until you are satisfied. Don't wait buy one today!!

  • Stephen J Rakoczy - Works great fort short outages

    Have a place in Florida and we have micro outages that last for a few seconds, but long enough to make my DirectV receiver have to start over. Have my 70" Visio TV, Sonos Blueray and DirectV receiver hooked up to it. When the lights go out for a couple seconds, no interruption at all! I have not had a case where it was out for a long time, but I would guess it would give 10-20 minutes, I just bought it for continuity for micro outages.

  • Sheila - Love the pages

    Love the pages. I wish they were thicker so I could use gel pens. I'm only able to use colored pencils

  • Russ - I like the the premise and the actors

    I like the the premise and the actors. I just think I would like to see one of these characters actually win at one of their endeavors. No matter what they do to improve themselves they seem to always end up eating the same sh#t sandwich! I know,I know, THAT IS THE PREMISE...

  • Pumpkin - Great Growth Supplement!

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