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  • Mark A. Manley - Top Flite Men's XL 2012 Golf Set

    The set was received quickly, in excellent condition and exactly as advertised. Have had the clubs out for about five rounds now and execept for some operator error they have performed great. This set for the money cannot be beat for the casual or beginner golfer.

  • Lisa - works excellent unless you are in a home garage.

    This work as claimed, anywhere I have traveled, but it doesn't pick up any signal when entering my house's garage. It also flakes out a bit going under larger overpasses. I don't really blame that to much on the product. It most likely is a line of site thing, where cement, steel and wood are not penetrated by the satellite waves. Its great for AM/FM and causes no issues at car washes or when using a roof rack.

  • truemainer - Not sure why these gloves have such a good review?

    First of all these are my second fox gloves I've purchased for mountain biking. My first gloves were fox reflex gel (extra large). Thinking the the sizing chart is the same for all gloves made by fox, I bought these dirt paws in XL as well. Unfortunately they were uncomfortably snug, so I had to ship them back and order a XXL, which is a better fit. So far I've worn these for about 600-700 miles on my mountain bike (cross country), and noticed the padding in the palms is not very supportive or comfortable for anything over a ten mile ride. I've had no issues at all with durability, and found I could wear them in down to 45 degree weather before my hands became uncomfortably cold. I will probably end up buying another pair of fox reflex gel gloves in the not too distant future to replace these

  • Girly Girl - Well...I'm not sure it actually did anything BUT...

    I don't really have bad skin, wrinkles or any sort of major skin problem. I like to take care of my skin for preventative purposes. This all taken into account...I have no major way of tracking whether or not it did much for my skin. I do, however, love the feel of this product. It smells nice, and has a nice consistency..not too watery or gel-like. I feel like it doesn't spread quite as easy as some, but the bottle still lasted me quite a while. I think I would try this product again, it has a very nice price considering how expensive some of the competitors are, and it seems to react nicely with my sensitive skin.

  • Darleen Fulgham - Toilet tree callus remover

    Loved it never had anything make my feet feel so good and soft . They are ready for summer and flip flops . Husband used it for calluses on his hands and they haven't felt that good in years.

  • Stacy - Can't wait for the next one

    Having never read this author before I wasn't sure what to expect but I found only a few grammatical errors and a story line that pulled me along right to the end. I am far from being described as YA and this book kept me going into the wee hours. Would have gone 5 stars if the grammar issues weren't there but believe me when I say they didn't detract from the story appeal at all.