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  • Not Sure - Holy mother of %^&$@!!!!

    Holy mother of %^&$@!!!! This stuff is BRRRRUUUUUTALLLLLL!!!!!!! We mixed it into some vinegar and loaded a squirt gun with it. Pelted our smoking neighbors place with it and got em to stop smoking us out for a while. How did these guys formulate such a horrific smelling liquid apart from literally harvesting from some construction site Honey Bucket?!?! Gnarly!

  • sans_gluten - Does exactly what it is supposed to do

    I think my computer might be too slow to work the best.... and I have to use headphones/earpods because otherwise

  • Gretchen - Confused about reviews of Omega XL

    I've been reading these testimonies and they are not very favorable!!! I question this??? Why so many negative reviews?? Wow!! Then the reviews mention snake oil?? Oh really? On TV they say pure fish oil from the pristine waters!!!? The product sounds great on TV but then when you read the reviews.... It makes stop and think? Why is the product so expensive?? Wondering what to do??!