Hypothésarts - Accueil - Hypothésarts, compagnie théâtrale, qui propose depuis trente ans des créations au départ de textes d'auteurs littéraires, sous forme de théâtre citoyen ou de théâtre agora.

Country:, Europe, CH

City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • Tangie - Love hits at the craziest time.

    I fell inlove with this series the first time. Now that it has been extended with more in depth information on the characters its definitely the best. I absolutely love that they have each others back and when one falls inlove they do what ever is necessary to make it happen. We get a glimpse into one of my favorite couples Missy and Roi. They definitely are funny. Ahhh but Peren and Lukian are the 1 couple. Now when you get ready for the next book you will intrigued.

  • SF James - The support is even worse than the software.

    Very unclear - I've used other software in the past for taxes, and this is terrible. When I called multiple times with the same simple question about their software, the very inarticulate people searched their database and kept giving me wrong answers (more accurately, answers to the wrong questions... what they could find, not what I was asking).

  • Valleria - its ok

    It has some good stradegies on how to pick the right answer. But the questions are not like the ones on the NCLEX. The questions are a lot easier than on the test.

  • Michael Bentley - Sic Semper Stultorum

    They can keep the $1.99, but I want the 15 minutes of my life back. This one is a certain winner for the "Tommy" (The Tommy Wiseau Award for Excellence in Movie Stuff and Gud Speling). Maybe I'll watch the rest of it tomorrow, if nothing better comes along. Like re-arranging my sock drawer or staring vacantly at a shiny piece of glass. At least the local Walmart made a few bucks off the After Halloween Sale. I gave it one star because the opening credits were done well.

  • RonF - Goodbye Lime Scale.....A++

    Shower head was covered with lime scale....removed the head and let it soak in CLR 10 minutes and its like new again !

  • Richard E. Beam - Cutco 4 ever

    My Mother and Grandmother Had their Cutco set for 15 years or more. They are still as good as the day they got them. We have no complaints. My Grandmother passed away and now I have her Cutco set. These knives are great. I have no problem cutting tomatoes or beef. They give me a great cut everytime.