I Am Vision - In 2007, I Am Vision, Inc. was founded in the garage of Virgil Brannon; motivated but dismantle with some of the local schools that didn’t recognize some student for their hard work during the award ceremonies. Believing that every youth looks for the chance to excel, but many have not been taught or given the chance to elevate their dream without being criticized. Iam Vision wants to give every youth an opportunity to dream big and be recognized for their hard work and determination. We know that every youth learns differently, and at different times; as a community and parents, we must find ways for them to excel through life brightest and darkest moments. School is one of places where dreams began and where they are sometimes shattered. So as a whole we must find different strategies and techniques to help them grasp their ideas, tune their imagination, and use their creativity to enhance their vision.

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  • wvamazonwarrior - Must watch

    This was a real eye opener. If you have been confused by many of the decisions from DC over the past 7 years, this movie explains it. This and his other documentary both have a fantastic use of history to explain the present and future.

  • mrzorro - Bogus product

    This is not a Nioxin formulation, in my opinion. I dare say it is a bogus product. I have used Nioxin for years and this is definitely not the real thing as far as I can determine. I would be very careful ordering Nioxin online. There appears to be bogus product out there being sold at what looks like a good discount. It isn't if you're not getting the real thing.

  • D. Ross - I love how the plastic tray pops out for easy cleaning

    Fits perfectly on our 2014 Vista! My son is 11 months and it does sit a bit high, but I assume he'll grow into it. He loves being able to get his snacks himself. I love how the plastic tray pops out for easy cleaning.

  • Ingrid Seymour - The writing is poor, the characters are flat

    The writing is poor, the characters are flat, the plot is hard to buy and moves at a pace that is fast but in a bad way (like glossing over big plot points without pause, just barging on). The amount of tell (not show) is ridiculous. I will not continue this series since I saw nothing to inspire me or make trust the author can deliver a good story.

  • Amazon Customer - Very happy with purchase

    Very happy with purchase. Big bottle, delivered on time. Vitex takes time to take effect, so I cannot attest to effectiveness as of yet.

  • Louise - Great Product

    I heard their commercial on the radio, it was hard to believe what they were saying but you never know, so I gave it a try and here I am, hot flash-free and full of energy! Yes, Amberen is not cheap but I am willing to spend 100 bucks on it every 6 months because it WORKS!