Infectious Disease Special Edition - Infectious Disease Special Edition (IDSE), is a bi-annual publication in print that presents educational review articles on the latest medical developments and practice guidelines relevant to infectious disease specialists, , pharmacists, pathologists, hospitalists, and others involved in the treatment of infectious diseases.

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  • Amazon Customer - If you liked the 2009 dvd

    I am not sure how this dvd received any positive reviews. If you liked the 2009 dvd, where they recapped the big moments of the season, showed a lot of behind the scenes footage, and kept you entertained, you will not like this one. If you instead prefer to have a dvd which simply recaps each playoff game in a manner which you could do yourself on Youtube, maybe you will like it then.

  • barhoozl - Didn't meet my expectations

    I have been reviewing and trying out many different hard floor cleaners, I was hopeful about the Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner until I used it on my bathroom and kitchen floors. The vacuum did not perform well and the head is too big to fit into the smaller spaces so I had to get out my broom still. The steamer did not start working until it had been on for at least 10 minutes, the manual said it may take longer the first time but it should not take more than 3 minutes. Once the steam started to work I felt it did a very good job but then I had the same issue with not being able to adequately clean the smaller spaces. I bought this model at Target on sale for $129.99, original price was $149.99, I am returning it, the performance of this machine is not worth more than $50 in my opinion.

  • yohmama - Recommended

    Works great! I particularly like that it updates continuously in small pieces (this avoids clogging up somewhat unreliable wireless service). The feature that allows you to block ad tracking on websites is also very nice.

  • Amazon Customer - The only thing you can do to make it better is to release the whole season to Amazon Showtime ...

    The only thing you can do to make it better is to release the whole season to Amazon Showtime Anytime subscribers

  • Nothing but beneficial - Nothing but beneficial

    I do not have cancer but it is prevalent in my family. Therefore I wanted to get a book to understand more about cancer and about detoxification. This book gave me more insight than I expected: organic foods, what foods and containers and cooking styles to avoid, a few recipies and a step-by-step way to detoxify the body (if you have cancer). I can minimize the procedures the late author suggested, starting with a visit to a nutritionist this month. I have already given this book to my neighbour whose father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and am now writing down the title to provide to a friend whose father also has cancer. The book is in layman's terms, easy to follow and to understand. I very much believe that this book is nothing but beneficial to anyone with, or without, cancer.

  • justin reichert - delicious but does cause poooping all night long first i ...

    delicious but does cause poooping all night long first i ate about 20 nothing happened so the next day i sat down and i ate about half the bag over about an hour while watching tv i was in and out of the bathroom all night long